April 18th, 2010

Second to Last Playtest of the DW: AiTaS Scenario

Had a good Sunday afternoon.

I ran the second to last playtest of the second scenario that I'm running at CanGames of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game. The scenario has really come together over the last week and a half or so, and I'll be running the final playtest on the adventure on Friday on the gamers in that group.

For the record, I have to give Tammy Powers and spross full marks on the two playtests of this one. It's not easy playing six characters between two players and actually doing them justice, but Goddess knows but they managed to do it. (I have tried over the last few weeks to get a few more players for the Sunday playtests, but have been unsuccessful in my efforts to do so.) Sure, some of the roleplaying goes by the wayside, but it pays dividends in any combat that one gets involved in because if the two players can run six characters through a 20-minute combat set-up, then you know how the timing will shake out with a larger group. So, kudos to both of them for a heroic job of playtesting the heck out of that Middle East scenario.

The scenario itself has taught me a good lesson about running DW: AiTaS at conventions for sure. Adventures written for other Doctor Who-based rpgs are not all that easy to convert at times to any other system, including DW: AiTaS. The scenario itself has a complex enough plot that this may have been part of the problem, aside from the elements of the having to render over some 20+ NPCs for the scenario into DW: AiTaS stats from a format that is a set of homegrown rules adapted from the FASA version of the game. Still, lesson learned.

Besides, I am looking forward to running the scenario at CanGames. :)

Sens Lose Game 3 to the Penguins

The Stanley Cup first round of the playoffs came to Ottawa tonight, as the Ottawa Senators came home tonight to face the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3 of the series.

Unfortunately, it was not a good outcome for Ottawa.

The Penguins played the rough and tumble style of game, capped off with some speed and finesse, and beat the Sens at home 4-2, to take a 2 games to 1 lead in the best-of-seven series. Pittsburgh outshot Ottawa 24-21 in the game, not a huge margin by any means, but the game wasn't as close as the shots or the score indicated. The Penguins had a 4-1 lead at one point, completely taking the game to the Senators, and to be honest, Ottawa Senators' goalie Brian Elliott let in a couple of soft goals. His counterpart, Marc-André Fleury, on the other hand, was solid in goal all night, and gave the Senators fits when they did have decent scoring opportunities.

Once again, both teams played as physical a game as I've seen all years, no doubt a match for the game played on Friday in Pittsburgh (which I missed due to gaming), but this game was relatively clean in terms of the hits, even if they were pretty solid contacts each and every time. These two teams obviously have a bit of a hate on for each other, which is adding some spice to the games of course, but when push comes to shove, the Penguins skill and speed far outmatches for the most part that of Ottawa. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are giving the Senators defense fits, and while Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson have momentary flashes of brilliance, they are being checked so tight that they're having difficulty putting the puck in the net, let alone setting up plays.

So, now we wait to Tuesday's rematch here in Ottawa. The Senators need to win that match. They dare not go back to Pittsburgh for Game 5 down three games to one. That would be a Very Bad Thing (tm).