May 25th, 2010

Of Dancing and Hockey

Good morning, folks. :) Another hot, sweaty, stick-to-your-skin kind of day coming up here in Ottawa.

I'm feeling somewhat under the weather this morning, and still have a bit of a sore throat. Came in to work this morning, and am having a hot cup of herbal peppermint tea, and trying to do justice to the job related material I'm dealing with at the moment.

TV-wise last night, the pickings were pretty lean. I watched Dancing with the Stars last night, and was absolutely amazed at the quality of the dances performed by the three celebrities, although since this *is* the Finals, I shouldn't have been surprised, especially with the sheer dancing talent of this group of stars. I suspect that Nicole Scherzinger is going to win this year's contest, but I would like to see Erin Andrews win it. I guess tonight will tell.

I was also sorry to hear that the Montreal Canadiens were knocked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs last night, meaning that the Philadelphia Flyers will take on the Chicago Blackhawks for the Cup this year. Should be interesting to watch.

CanGames 2010 Day 1 Report

On my coffee break this morning.

Decided that I better start writing up the reports on the weekend that was at CanGames 2010. These reports aren't going to be as detailed as I might normally write them, 'cause I was pretty under the weather with the bowel problems and all (although that may be resolving now due to the doctor's taking me off one of the meds I was on), and to be honest, I didn't take the heaping load of notes on stuff that I normally do. In any event, this first day of the con report goes behind a cut...

Collapse )

So there you have it, the Friday at CanGames. Hope folks enjoyed the read. Saturday will be covered in one of the next posts.

DwtS Finale Thought

Just finished watching the Dancing with the Stars finale tonight.

While I'm not going to spoil the story by saying who won it here, as there are folks on the West Coast who haven't seen the whole thing yet, I will say that of the three couples that were left, the couple expected to win it did. That was no surprise to me at all. But I think the couple that were eliminated should have been the couple to actually win it because of the celebrity's sheer improvement from the beginning of the season to the end.

And on another note, it's almost 11:30 pm here in Ottawa, and it's still scorching hot outside. Ughh!