October 4th, 2010

I, Claudius Rewatch, and Doctors

Working from home today, as I've got a couple of doctor's appointments this morning and this afternoon.

Spent a terrific evening last night watching some more of the classic I, Claudius (see the History on Film webpage here) British tv mini-series, based on the books by Robert Graves. I had re-watched the first three episodes last week, detailing the period of Augustus's reign and going through the birth of Claudius himself.

I watched from Episode 4 through Episode 8, and just adored the stuff in these episodes. The series as a whole is still as marvellous as it was when I watched it the first few times. This set of episodes dealt primarily with the death of Livia, Tiberius's evil, the introduction of Caligula, and the wonderful portrayal of the power mad Lucius Aelia Sejanus (ably played by Patrick Stewart), and saw the introduction of Septimus Macro, played by the great actor John Rhys-Davies.

Quite looking forward to the next few episodes. In the meantime, back to work. And then off to the first doctor's appointment of the day.

Doctor, TV, and Gaming Choices

Back from the second doctor's appointment today, and have had some down time to chill out a little bit.

The family doctor wasn't as thrilled with my progress with the diabetes as the doctor at the Diabetes Clinic, and wants to see me again in December, and I'll be having blood tests and a PSA test before I see him. Ah, well.

One of the decisions that I came to late last week, after talking with the Friday night gamers, is that I am going to run the Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning partially historical Roman roleplaying game again. To that end, spross gave me a hand on Saturday digging out the game material from the boxes that I have in my storage cupboard here at the house. Unfortunately, a lot of the old notes are gone, although Kathy has some of the Friday game notes and character files on her old computer. This is a good thing.

In the meantime, this evening there is Dancing with the Stars and Castle, as well as the new series, The Event, which is turning out to be some compelling television. So a good evening of tv viewing is ahead.

I've promised myself that tomorrow I will post my Books of September write-up, so am looking forward to that.