November 5th, 2010

R.I.P. Sparky Anderson (1934-2010)

Read in the newspaper this morning that Sparky Anderson has died at the age of 76.

I'm kind of saddened by this news, as to be honest, Sparky Anderson and the Cincinnati Reds and later the Detroit Tigers was one of the things I remember most about my life during the Montreal Expos baseball crazy days. While I can't say that I was a real fan of the game of baseball (my heart belongs to NHL hockey and hockey in general, as well as curling), it was characters like Sparky Anderson that made me pay attention to the game back in those days.

Really sad news.

R.I.P. Sparky Anderson (1934-2010)

Quick Update, Again

Just a quick update on things on my end.

The re-edits of the Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic book are going along at a fast clip, and we're already more than half-way through the second round of re-edits. The process has been relatively smooth, and I like to think that Richard over at Rogue Games is pleased with the work that I've done to this point.

I called the doctor's office yesterday, and was able to arrange to go and have my flu shot for the year on Monday. Looking forward to getting that out of the way, but dreading the whole two to three days of "sore arm" that will follow on from that.

Since picking up my comics the other week (see this journal entry, I've had this desire to run a campaign of The Legion of Super-Heroes again using the old DC Heroes/Blood of Heroes roleplaying game. Legion Academy campaign again, anyone? :) We'll see what comes of this.

In the meantime, tonight is the Friday night gaming session, and I'm looking forward to running my Shadow, Sword & Spell campaign again. Yes, I know I haven't posted any game reports on stuff in some time, but will get around to this as soon as some free time opens and all.

Anyway, back to stuff in the real world for now.