December 14th, 2010

Working From Home Today

Major snowfall here in the Ottawa area overnight. Lots and lots of snow everywhere, and the world looks quite white out there. And it's still coming down, even as I write this.

Called work and told them that I was gonna work from home today. Since I knew the weather forecast this snow dumping yesterday, I was smart and managed to convince my boss to let me take the office laptop home with me yesterday afternoon.

So, I'm sitting here at home with the office laptop up and running at the dining room table, and looking out the window at the winter wonderland of sorts. And I'm glad that a) I'm at home today, and b) the car is in the garage for servicing ('cause I don't have to clean the car and move it out of the parking spot today when they plow the laneways here at the condo complex.

Back to work.