January 19th, 2011

Primeval Discussion Mailing List

Good day, folks.

Well, for those that are interested, I have launched a brand new Yahoo! Group devoted to the discussion of all things Primeval (other than fan fiction, which has tons of places that you can read it on-line!). The link is here:

Primeval Chat & Discussion

Please note that membership is required to participate in this group, and all potential members who wish to join the mailing list must be approved by the Moderator. However, the Archives of this mailing list are open to the public.

Hope to see some of you there. Catch you on the other side of the Anomaly! :)

Do You Ever Feel Warm?

I just want to know one thing...

For those of you who live in snowy climates, when the weather is really cold and you have to go outside and clean off your vehicle, do you ever feel warm? Either while you're cleaning off the vehicle, or when you get inside again?

Just sayin'...