April 19th, 2011

First Primeval RPG Scenario Playtest's A Wrap!

Didn't really talk about the Sunday game playtest.

My friend from Smith Falls, knightbane, couldn't make it up again this week (I get the feeling his friend who's gonna drive him up here isn't into playtesting, so that's why this hasn't happened yet!), so it was just spross and Tammy once more this Sunday.

As most who've been reading my blog know, I've been running playtests of two scenarios for the Primeval Roleplaying Game that I'll be running at CanGames 2011 this year. Sunday, the gamers playtested for the last time the original scenario, "A Woodland Adventure", and things went pretty well.

Since I'm not going to spoil the adventure for folks who might be coming up to CanGames and plan to play in the game, I will only say that the scenario shakes out pretty well, game plays out pretty well, and that the timing on the adventure seems to work fine. There are a few points in the adventure that will have to be decided on whether I have enough time left to run them, but that will made the adventure even more fun to run at the convention! The adventure really has some nice elements to it that will surprise the players, methinks, and the sheer amount of roleplaying that the player characters can enjoy in this scenario is nicely balanced with the opportunity to hunt down and attack (and perhaps even kill) dinosaurs, even if this goes against the grain in the Primeval setting.

In any event, this scenario is playtested, and requires no more work in that regard. Just have a couple of more playtests to run on the second Primeval scenario for the convention, and then I can get back to actual campaign play on whatever game it was that I was running.

Everybody Loves T-Rex

Interesting piece by Brian Switek in this morning's UK Guardian's Science section about dinosaur comparisons to T-Rex.

Everybody Loves Tyrannosaurus Rex

I think that Brian hit the nail on the head in the piece when he said, "If a catchy headline doesn't readily present itself for a new fossil discovery, a reference to T. rex will do at a pinch." Because of the manner and the way in which Tyrannosaurus Rex has been popularised in the both the media and some scientific circles, it's important to remember that there's more to palaeontology than T. Rex. Just as the tyrant king of the dinosaurs was just one member of a rich and diverse family of dinosaurs, the new, scientific discoveries that are made are connected to the investigation of these creatures and additional discoveries that are made about them and their "relatives". We would all do well to remember that.

R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011)

Terribly sad news today in the world of Doctor Who...

Doctor Who Actress Elisabeth Sladen Passes Away at Age 63

Elisabeth Sladen first came to the attention of viewers of Doctor Who in the 1974 serial "The Time Warrior", the first appearance of the Sontarans in the series, and remained a part of Doctor Who pretty much the rest of her life, having just completed partially filming Series 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Rest In Peace, Elisabeth Sladen. You've earned it, and will forever go down as one of the favourite Companions of the Doctor in the series.