May 26th, 2011

I Am Officially Sick

It is official. I have either come down with con crud, or something similar to the bug that spross had several weeks ago, which was also responsible for his torn lateral back muscle. So I am not working today, and taking a sick day.

I spent a rather dismal night in bed, unable to get a lot of sleep, due to the coughing and hacking away. Might have been running a temperature, but fortunately the Robaxacet has acetaminophen in it, so that helped in that regard. Woke this morning lying on my back, no phlegm draining in my lungs, and felt a bit better. (Maybe the Biaxin already kicking in?) My lower back is now hurting like hell, the sciatica kicking in once more, and I've decided that since I cough and hack more when I talk than when I don't, today will be a "silent day". I did manage to get some more sleep, about an hour, this morning. Making me feel a bit better.

Oh, and Sears is coming over to install the new air conditioner that I bought. The old one is kaput, and I had forgotten that the appointment to install the new AC was today, between noon and 5:00 pm. *sigh*

A/C for Brains Perhaps

The guys from Sears showed up to install the new air conditioner for the house... and forgot to bring the actual a/c unit with them! So they've headed off back to the store/warehouse/whatever to pick up the a/c unit.

Considering how much I'm paying them to do the installation, I guess I'm not paying them for their brains.
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CanGames 2011 Day 2 Report

Here's my report and write-up on the second day of CanGames 2011. You can read the report on CanGames 2011, Day 1 by following the link. I was hoping to have a couple of photos from the games that I ran this day, but knightbane's camera seems to have vanished into the ether. If the photos do show up, this report will be edited slightly. This report is going to be a bit long, since I ran two games on the Saturday, so bear with it.

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And that's the Saturday at CanGames. Hope folks enjoyed this convention day report despite the length. Should have expected it, since I had two games that I ran to cover in this one. Not riveting stuff, I know, but what the heck. Sunday's report will be covered in one of the next posts.