June 9th, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, knightbane!

*sigh* The illness that I'm suffering has definitely addled my brain somewhat.

So I just want to offer a belated congratulations here...

Happy Birthday, knightbane! :)

Hope you had a terrific birthday, that all the prezzies that came your way were ones you wanted and that some of them involved gaming things, and that the celebration of your birthday was good and rowdy! :)

Today's Doctor Appointment

As noted in a previous journal entry (or perhaps not, I can't keep a lot straight in this addled brain of mine at the moment), I finally had an appointment with my family doctor today.

The long and short of it is that he doesn't know what I have, illness-wise. He had thought that the Biaxin that he had prescribed for me weeks ago would knock the bug out, and seemed surprised that it didn't. According to him, my blood pressure is normal, there's an inflammation at the back of my throat and a bit of one under my tongue, and he confirmed the swelling under my ears, and around and below my throat. In the meantime, he decided that it was finally time to do a set of sinus and chest x-rays and a full blood work-up (including a urine specimen), and I have just returned from the Riverside Hospital and getting the tests done. The doctor's office set up an appointment again for Tuesday, as he hopes the results from the various tests will be back. He also prescribed a cough syrup with codeine (hopefully sugar-free), and another round of a different antibiotic. He was a bit surprised that according to the scales in the office I'm down to 172.5 lbs. I've lost close to 20 lbs. in the last nine weeks or so, but you wouldn't know it looking at me. (At least I don't think so. spross can take a photo of me, and you folks who know me can judge for yourselves.)

Anyway, I'm home. I'm knackered. And I'm coughing up a storm. After ten vials of blood taken from my body, I'm also thirsty and a bit hungry as heck. So time for some food and drink. And a cuppa, of course.

And for the record, folks, I'm getting a little bit worried.