October 7th, 2011

Thanksgiving Friday

Another day, another dollar.

The Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and it's also Yom Kippur for the Jewish folks among you, so all sorts of stuff going on in the world today and all.

Work this morning is somewhat busy, but not as hectic as it will be on Tuesday after the long weekend. Came in to work this morning to find that many of my fellow co-workers are taking an extended four-day weekend starting today, so stuff will be relatively slow. The current project I'm working on here at work is going quite smoothly now that the waters between the technical staff and the management types seem to have settled. For me, just an average day at work with the typical workload.

As for the weekend, I'm rather looking forward to it, as it will give me a chance to put my feet up and rest my back somewhat, and having Monday off will contribute to that part of things no end, or so I hope. I've got both the Friday and Sunday games of Abney Park's Airship Pirates to look forward to, and am having fun with both games, even if it doesn't seem that way at times. :)

The Airship Pirates Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game (check out the mailing list at this link) is coming along as well, though a couple of players are slowing down the character creation process somewhat right now, and some people just can't seem to read the earlier posts and adhere to the set-up and posting rules that I've established for the game. I chalk it up to enthusiasm, but... Since one of the players, my co-worker Donna, only plays the game during slightly before and after work hours, since she's using my account at work to do so, the slowdown will now be a bit longer due to the Thanksgiving weekend. There are still a few player slots in the game open, for those who might be interested.

The rest of the weekend will be spent resting, recreating, and reading, and stuff. Going to take it relatively easy on my back for the weekend, and have some Geology class homework to do before Tuesday's class, so that'll keep me somewhat busy for several hours as well.

NHL Hockey is Back!

Yesterday, the National Hockey League (NHL) season began once more with three games in Toronto, Boston, and Vancouver.

Tonight marks the start of the season for the Ottawa Senators, who will be in Detroit to play the Red Wings. I won't be able to watch it because I'll be gaming, of course, but...

This season marks the Ottawa Senators' 20th anniversary in their return to the NHL, and the All-Star game and all the festivities that go along with that will happen in Ottawa this year. Yet for all of that, this is a year or rebuilding in the Ottawa game, and the team is not expected to make the NHL playoffs. While everything starts off shiny and hopeful with the start of a new NHL season, I suspect that the Ottawa Senators will be facing a difficult year, and there will be some nights where fans of the team will be embarrassed by the Senators' showing on the ice. But with all of that said and done, new coach Paul McLean will bring something different to the team this year, and the influx of rookies (some of whom played 20+ games in a Senators' uniform last season) will bring new blood and excitement to the team this year.

I don't Ottawa will make the playoffs this year, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if they do. But I think it's going to be a fun season of Ottawa Senators hockey this season, if nothing else. And will be a good indication of what the future holds for the team.

Go Sens Go!

Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Airship Pirates Session 6

Here is the very, very late report on the continuing adventures of the Sunday gaming group in the Abney Park's Airship Pirates campaign. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

Collapse )

In a lot of ways, I wasn't feeling all that great after this session of the Airship Pirates game came to an end. Part of it was that my back was really hurting me badly and I had taken some Robaxacet, which has the habit of spacing me out a little bit. For that reason, the game session wasn't a... sane ...one from my GMing perspective. The interior of the funhouse comes across more as a D&D type of place, and we won't even talk about the chess-like game and board. There was a lot of interesting stuff in the funhouse, though, and if I ever turn this scenario into a bit of a convention adventure, the funhouse will be a bit more defined and made consistent. That said, the session was pretty good for the most part, at least the bits that I remember of it through the drug daze of the Robaxacet, but don't get me wrong, it wasn't a great session for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here. Some of the players weren't all that happy with the session, notably Doug, who was annoyed at the inability of his character to control his actions during the chess sequence.

Anyway, 'nuff said about this particular game session.

Thanksgiving Friday Thoughts

Home from work after a relatively long Friday's slogging away on the job.

For some reason, the Friday right around Thanksgiving Day tends to be full of stress and a heavy workload, and that pretty much sums up today. Stopped off on the way home for some veggies and stuff to have for the weekend, as with the long weekend, I really don't want to have to do any more shopping and stuff. Gonna try to vegetate with vegetables this weekend, so to speak.

In the meantime, I need to start getting ready for tonight's Friday night session of Abney Park's Airship Pirates, and the group is at an interesting point in the game. Rather looking forward to this game this evening, but supper has to be made first. :)

Later, everyone.