November 16th, 2011

Routine Stuff

Sitting here in the office this morning, contemplating the world around me. Just a bit of a break from the morning grind.

Whatever the bug that I have is, it's still here. Not feeling particularly unwell, mind you, just feeling somewhat sick (if that makes any sense to folks). Still got a bit of a cough and sniffles, and my throat hurts when I talk a lot, so have taken to being quieter than normal. This has some of my friends and co-workers worried. <g>

Donna's back in the office after her evaluation, and she looks positively green around the gills. She says the evaluation went alright, but that she's got some kind of sinus bug that has her drained and exhausted, which isn't helping her much.

I had my geology class again last night, and things are coming along swimmingly. I spoke to the professor about the possibility of not going on the field trip this Saturday, as, to be honest, my back and the bulging disc are not in great shape and I'm hurting quite a bit. She said to take it as easy as I can for the moment, and take the field trip if I can, and don't do it if I can't. In the meantime, I have a shortened class tonight, as I've got an exam to take for the class.

Back to work. :)

Home From Geology Class Exam

Back from geology class tonight, as we had a shorter class than usual. Class exam tonight, first one of the course so far.

I think I did pretty well on the geology test tonight, as it wasn't meant to be a difficult one, and tested our understanding of basic scientific method and geology concepts, as well as some stuff pertaining to the field trips that we've done for the course so far.

Overall, I have to say that I'm having a good time with the geology class, even though the two field trips so far were somewhat stressful on my body. I've learned some new stuff, obviously, but it's been a good challenge going back to school and all, and I'm feeling somewhat invigorated by the whole process and all. When I'm not feeling ill at the moment, or can't walk or stand due to the pain.

As for the field trip this weekend, we'll see how I'm doing...