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The Sunday afternoon gaming group continued play of their Torg Eternity RPG campaign, set in the Cyberpapacy, yesterday afternoon. You can read the blog entry on the previous session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Jean André Bernard (SteveR) – Unstoppable Cop/Gendarme
Celeste Dubois (Tammy) – Cyberwitch
Jacques Dumont (GM/NPC) – Realm Runner

April 16th, 2017

As the Storm Knights and Francois Marchand enter the city of Avignon, they find that it is a changed place. There are lots of Church Police streetbeaters everywhere, and the drones and spy-eyes the characters have seen before are prevalent. Several large video screens proclaim that the curfew will be in effect this evening at the usual time. Signs of damage to the structure of the city are everywhere, with toppled buildings, ruins and wreckage. The tension and suspicion in the city seems to be ratcheted up [Jacques plays the Heightened Paranoia Cosm card.] Jacques Dumont informs Celeste Dubois and Jean André Bernard that they are to deliver the foodstuffs and supplies to the Café Martine at 2221 rue Garmond. Celeste remembers that it’s an artists and artisans hotspot located in the middle of the city. She’s been there several times for business meetings and recreation. Jacques heads the truck in that direction, moving relatively slowly.

When the Storm Knights reach the area near the Café Martine, they see that life is more normal here, with lots of people out and about trying to live a normal life in Avignon. There are still spy-eyes and drones everywhere, but the proportion of Church Police seems less. Jacques parks the truck in the open ended alley next to the café, in front of a dark brown Nissan Sentra that is not idling and has no one in it. Jacques and Francois head into the café, leaving Jean and Celeste outside as they check out the Nissan. As they turn from the Nissan to head out of the alley, they spot a nondescript, dark brown haired figure watching them, who quickly moves on. Jean and Celeste head into the café without any other incidents.

Inside the Café Martine, Jacques introduces Jean and Celeste to the resistance members - Jean Moussant and his wife, Eloise. After pleasantries are exchanged, Eloise says that she knows Celeste from somewhere. Celeste says it might be from her frequenting the café at times, but Eloise suddenly says that she remembers - Celeste is one of her favourite fashion designers! The two exchange mutual admiration society natterings, and eventually Moussant turns things back to the cargo. Jean, Jacques, and Francois agree to help with the unloading, and meet the other two members of the resistance cell, Raphael Cabrera and Helène Montblanc. The process proceeds very quickly and satisfactorily. Jean Moussant passes along a Cyberpapacy chipped bank card, with the agreed payment (5,000 livres) for the job done. Once the characters and the resistance members finish unloading, they share a meal with the resistance members in the club, and Moussant tells them that the curfew begins in roughly 1-1/2 hours, at 9 o’clock. He tells them that they have a set of rooms in their name booked at the Grand Hotel at 34 Boulevard St. Roch. Moussant says that he also has a gift for them - and gives Celeste and Jean trenchcoats and Jacques an outdoor jacket [all with Tech 24, Armour bonus +3, Fatiguing]. The Storm Knights decide to leave the truck at the café, since it is such a nice night, and will walk to the hotel, about 20 minutes away. Francois tells them that he will spend the night in one of the rooms above the cafe, and it is obvious that there is some affection going on between him and Helène Montblanc. With knowing smiles, the Storm Knights set out for the Grand Hotel.

It is a pleasant night for a stroll through the Avignon streets, and thus it is only fortune [Jean playing an Alertness card] that prevents the Storm Knights from falling into the trap set for them! The Storm Knights find themselves facing a cyberpriest, a cyberknight [Jacques Deschamps], and six Hands of God (HOGs). Jacques invokes Core Earth reality on himself [using the Reality Surge card], and benefits immediately from that. [Tammy plays the Nemesis card, and thus gains the cyberknight as a foe, but the heroes each gain 2 Possibilities.] Two of the HOGs each attack Francois [with a Combined action] but the attack fails as their GodMeeters stop functioning [Tammy plays the Mandatory Upgrade Cosm card on them, and each Storm Knight gains 2 Possibilities, since she believes that Francois is an Ord]. The other HOGs gang-up on the other Storm Knights, and each must Soak a massive amount of damage [2 or 3 Wounds and 4 or 6 Shock], which they do successfully. During one of his attacks, Jean’s gun jams [he rolls a Malfunction], putting the Storm Knight deep in it. The Storm Knights are able to take down the Hands of God with some luck [and the spending of a few Possibilities and some Destiny cards]. The cyberpriest uses a hellfire spell on Jacques, and the realm runner is forced to Soak the damage [2 Wounds and 3 Shock], using his reality to save himself [he also had to play a Drama card and an Action card]. The Storm Knights turn their attention to the cyberpriest, and use a single [Combined] action to take the priest down. The cyberknight is impressed, as the Storm Knights turn their attention to him. The heroes find them can’t seem to hurt the cyberknight, due to his armour and natural toughness, but Jacques is able to taunt him [spending a Willpower card], causing him to look away. Francois attacks him from behind, again to no avail. Turning back to the Storm Knights, the cyberknight tells Celeste that they will meet again. He taps a keyboard at his side [a cyberdeck], and vanishes into a purple light that appears next to him. With the disappearance of the cyberknight, the battle ends. The Storm Knights collapse to the ground with sighs of relief and fits of giggling.

The next morning, the Storm Knights descend on La Lune Declenchée, a recently sprung up cyber shoppe in Avignon at 14B Rue de Grenouilles in Avignon. The shoppe is run by Marcel Manotét, and he agrees to install a Hexxer Mk II on Celeste for the standard price (which she pays in cash). Her recovery time is about two weeks. The Storm Knights learn that Jean is indeed cyber chipped, and Marcel agrees to remove the chip for a cost of Euro10,000. Celeste talks to him [and plays her Connection card] and he agrees to lower the cost to Euro4,000 (18). His recovery time is approximately six days. The Storm Knights decide to take some down-time, and relax for a few days…

Sunday afternoon's session of the Torg Eternity game was pretty good, and wrapped up the current adventure the players were playing. The session only took about two hours, since it was just the final scene of the adventure, and the players had a good time of it, though there were a couple of hairy moments during the final fight.

Since SteveR is going to run some Star Trek Adventures for a bit, I'm not sure when I'll get back to the game. In the meantime, I'm just looking forward to playing for a bit. :)


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