January 13th, 2012

The 13th of January

Friday morning. The 13th of January.

While most folks look on a Friday the 13th as an evil day or at least one filled with all kinds of superstitions, Jews tend to view the day as somewhat lucky but also in much less an evil-eyed fashion than most.

That said, today is one of the nastiest days on record we've had in Ottawa this year, and that combined with yesterday's horrible weather, has made things ten times worse. The garbage collection has occurred this morning, despite the weather, so I was glad that I was able to put the garbage out last night, even though I feared for my balance several times while doing so. I'm working from home once more today, as I'm not about to risk life and limb out there on the snowy, icy, windy streets of the city, car or no car. From what I heard at the office during the morning chat, most of my co-workers have decided to do the same thing, and the office is pretty much deserted.

Given the weather today, I'm not sure whether the Friday night group will be gaming tonight. The Primeval RPG Friday night game is going quite well, and it would be a shame for the group not to play tonight, given the middle of what they're dealing with in the game, but such is life. Should know by late this afternoon what's going on with the game.

News About Beautiful People

Earlier in the month, in this post, I had mentioned that James Murray, formerly of Primeval, has been cast in a new NBC science fiction series, Beautiful People.

Here's a piece from io9 about the series and a bit more about some of the other cast and their characters:

Beautiful People is Like Stepford Wives Meets Blade Runner

The series premise looks and sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about this one as news becomes available.

A Winter Day's Tale

Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?

No, well... I *hate* winter.

Finished work for the day, so I figured I'd better go and check the snail mail and get the paper garbage box from outside. This, despite the fact that I see it's still coming down quite heavily out there.

I bundled up and went outside to see what there was in the snail mail. Yes, we have super boxes in the condo complex where I live, not individual mail slots on the doors to the house and that sort of thing. I knew things were off to a bad start when I stepped into a pile of snow, dropped an inch or two, and had the snow go all the way down both boots. Oh, there was nothing in the snail mailbox, not even adverts.

I start to clean off the car, and then realise that this is going to hurt my back something fierce. There's a lot of snow on the car, with an under layer of ice (from yesterday and this morning's icy part of the storm), so I figure I'll go into the car and start it to help the process along. Haha stupid me. The coating of ice on the car is solid, and I don't have the strength at the moment (because of the bad back) to cut through the ice to open the car. So I go and clean off the front windshield. Guess what? One of my wiper blades, the one on the driver's side naturally, is broken off and just lying there on the windshield, covered in a layer of ice and snow.

Finally, I go and pick up the black box from the garbage (that one puts the paper garbage in). It's sitting there, upright, full of ice and snow. Take it up onto the balcony and...slip. Just a bit, but I think I've twisted my ankle. Maybe. The right ankle, the driving ankle.

I give up.

Gaming Is On!

Just heard from the folks in my Friday night gaming group.

They have decided that they want to play tonight, and so will be coming out to my place for gaming as usual. Albeit, they may be later than usual, depending on traffic and the like. That said, Kathy told me that the roads in Ottawa are remarkably clean and clear, given the weather. Obviously, it's just Briston Private's that such a *bleep!* mess.

Wasn't planning on running the game tonight, but now I'm looking forward to running the Primeval RPG game tonight. Here there be dinosaurs! hehe