January 20th, 2012

A Friday Morning Thoughts

Another very cold morning here in the Ottawa valley.

Major snow squalls made their way through the area last night, though we weren't hit with as much snow as some places, but the winds were pretty fierce at times.

I'm sitting here at the office this morning with not a lot to do work-wise, as several of the co-workers are out, either sick or whatever, although there will be some stuff to do around 1:00 pm, as there's a meeting scheduled.

Feeling somewhat tired after watching part of the Ottawa Senators-San Jose Sharks NHL game late last night (I hear we won 4-1. Yay!), but my feet are feeling merely achy after their treatment yesterday, so this is a good thing. My sinuses are still bothering me, but down to a bearable feeling that is mitigated by taking some Tylenol Sinus every so often when it feels really grotty.

Otherwise, quite looking forward to the weekly Friday night game, and the continuing Primeval RPG campaign and story that I've got going right now.

In the meantime, off for a cup of tea.

Happy Birthday, Tom Baker!

For those who might be interested, or who are just plain Classic Doctor Who fans...

Tom Baker, the actor who portrayed the Fourth Doctor in the Doctor Who series celebrates his birthday today.

While I will always remember William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in the series (I grew up with the series, after all), Tom Baker was, for many, the definitive Doctor in the series, due to the length of time that he played the role.

And now, here's some Trivia about Tom Baker on the occasion of his birthday:

1. An image of him appeared on the episode of "The Simpsons" (1989) shown on 26 November 1995.

2. He is the longest-serving actor to have portrayed the Doctor in Doctor Who, having played the role for seven seasons from 1974 to 1981. In second place is his immediate predecessor, Jon Pertwee, who played the Third Doctor for five seasons from 1970 to 1974.

3. With the death of Jon Pertwee on May 20, 1996, he is both the oldest and earliest surviving Doctor from Doctor Who.

4. Tom was a largely unknown, unemployed actor who had actually written to the BBC seeking work shortly before he was cast in his most famous role, as the star of Doctor Who. His appointment as Jon Pertwee's successor came after series producer Barry Letts had already considered for the role more famous actors Jim Dale, Richard Hearne, Michael Bentine, Graham Crowden and Fulton Mackay, all of whom had been discounted for various reasons.

5. He has performed with the National Theatre, the Bristol Old Vic, and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

6. He has two children with his wife, Anna Wheatcroft, Daniel and Piers.

7. He is a voice-over artist for television commercials in the UK.

8. He has been mistaken by members of the public for Jon Pertwee.

9. Trained at Rose Bruford Drama School, Sidcup, Kent, UK alongside Freddie Jones. Later members include actors Ray Fearon, Gary Oldman and Stephen Armourae.

10. His mother, Mary Jane Fleming Baker, was Irish.

11. He was a monk for six years before becoming an actor.

12. After Jon Pertwee, he is the second longest-lived actor to have played the Doctor in Doctor Who.

13. At 6'3" tall, he is the tallest actor, along with Jon Pertwee, to have played the Doctor in the series.

14. Documented in books about the Doors rock group, Tom Baker was a friend of and used to "hang out" with Jim Morrison prior to his career as Doctor Who.

15. He is a voracious reader of books.

Some News From Impossible Pictures

A bit of news from Impossible Pictures about the state of Primeval. Just reposting what fredbassett posted to her LJ:

Tim Haines has just told me that he thinks ITV will be showing Series 5 in June/July, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Also, Primeval:New World has just stared pre-production in Vancouver.

My own thoughts on this: This news does not augur well for the return of Primeval as a British series, and it looks like Series 5 may be the last, though we have Primeval: New World to look forward to. The fact that ITV are shovelling the show into the depths of summer is a good indicator that they don't really care any longer about the series, and that we've seen the last of the show after that on ITV, although the talk of the Primeval movie does raise questions as well, and interesting speculations.

I'm actually quite sad about this state of affairs, as it means that we aren't likely to see a resolution to the plot introduced by the cliffhanger at the end of Series 5, and with several of the cast already doing other projects, this just doesn't augur well for the future of the series on ITV.

That said, as one of the show's co-creators has said in the past, Primeval keeps coming back from extinction, so one never knows. And there is now the hope as we wait and see what Primeval: New World will bring us.