January 26th, 2012

Thursday Morning Thoughts

A bright, relatively cold Thursday morning here in the Ottawa valley.

Work so far today has been relatively normal, my boss's temper getting somewhat back to regular levels, though we still don't know what set him off the other day, other than it had something to do with an early morning meeting with his boss.

School last night (well, this week) was quite enjoyable, and the Geology course is reaching the final stages and all. This week has been all about the chemistry of geological strata, and it's been an interesting and very educational week of classes that will culminate in the field trip and work on the same subject. Looking forward to that.

In the meantime, need to take a look at a few things on the internet about stuff, and then get around to doing stuff and all. Should be an interesting weekend, between the NHL All-Star activities here in Ottawa and the course stuff.

Books on Palaeontology and Dinosaurs Recommendations, Anyone?

Was wondering if folks knowledgeable on the subject could help me out with something.

I'm looking to add to my personal library of books on palaeontology (both in terms of history and overall subject) as well as dinosaurs. Can anyone suggest any good books on the subject that can actually be purchased?

Thanks. :)