February 3rd, 2012

Primeval Series 6 Unlikely

Heard the sad news last night, but figured I should post it here this morning anyway.

In a post by Primeval Wiki (which is very reliable), he said that he learned from Impossible Pictures that funding for Primeval Series 6 is still in ITV's hands, but that it's very unlikely to happen.

This has also been confirmed by series co-creator Adrian Hodges, here:

Adrian Hodges Confirms Primeval UK Probably Come to an End

Sad, terrible news for all Primeval fans, though the series will live on in the new Primeval: New World series being made in Canada.

There are those who are not going to miss the series, mainly its detractors and sf fans who really didn't like the series, but I have to say that the (potential) end of the British series is a terrible blow to those of us who enjoyed the series so much. What really annoys me about this is that ITV has pretty much said "No" to Series 6 without evening having Series 5 aired on mainstream UK tv. The slot that they're giving the series in June/July (probably) is one that ensures the ratings will be terrible, according to some of the folks I know over there, and that makes it clear that ITV really doesn't want to (re-)commission it. Wouldn't it be funny if the ratings when Series 5 does air are so good that they couldn't use them to justify not making another series of the show? But I'm not confident that's going to happen, so...

Going to miss the UK series if this is the end. Thankfully, we have the DVD sets of Series 1 to 5 to keep us going, and the new Canadian series when it does air.