February 7th, 2012

Long Day Ahead

Today promises to be a long day.

I spent most of the evening watching the remaining episodes and special features of the Season One DVDs of Body of Proof, and rather enjoyed that, and then tuned in for the night's episode of Castle. This was a fun episode with a neat mystery from 1947 and a film noir vibe to it. Good episode.

Couldn't sleep much last night, just twisting and turning from everything going on. Woke up at 7:00 am, as I need to get ready to go to the Eye Clinic at the hospital this morning for my yearly check-up and some uncomfortable eye fluid tests. I'm really hoping that I've not got any retinopathy, and that my eyes haven't changed all that much over the course of the year.

From the hospital it's going to be off to work, with my eyes all dilated wide open (from the eye exams), so I'll be somewhat blind for most of the day unless I wear some sunglasses in the brightly lit office. After work, I'll hopefully have a bit of time to myself at home before I need to head out to Geology class this evening.

Like I said, going to be a long day.

Eye Exam Over

Sitting in the office now, after having got in to work about twenty minutes ago.

The appointment with the eye specialist for my regular, yearly eye exam went well. He tested the eye fluid as well for diabetic symptoms, but I won't know the results on that for a bit, but based on his observations, the good new is that I'm not suffering from any retinopathy.

I have nearsightedness with a degree of astigmatism, and my left eye has degenerated to the point where I will need a new prescription pair of glasses. He also recommended that I get a pair of computer glasses made as well.

The treat I gave myself for having the eye exam and the eye fluid test is a Boston Creme donut, which is sitting on my desk, and while I will have on my break in about ten minutes. I earned it.

Due to the eye exam and the dilation and all, my vision is quite blurry and very fuzzy around the edges. This will wear off in a few hours, and should make working for the next little while interesting. I'm wearing a pair of anti-glare sunglasses in the office, and my co-workers are jibing me about this and all.

I can live with it. I have my Boston Creme donut! :)

And yes, the song I'm listening to is fitting.

Happy Birthday, terheyt!

Happy Birthday, terheyt!

Here's hoping that you have a terrific birthday today.

May the Goddess bless you with good health, good fortune, prosperity, love, happiness, and joy, and may a warm breeze blow at your back for the coming year.