February 8th, 2012

Early Hospital Appointment

It's 4:30 am, and I am up and awake as I prepare to go to the hospital for the 6:00 am bloodwork and tests that are going to be run on me.

I'm not looking forward to this at all, but it is something that I have to do as the diabetes needs to be checked and kept under control, and these tests are part of that process.

Given that I have my Geology class later tonight, I have no idea how I'm going to get through this, what promises to be a very long, very tiring day.

Wish me luck today, at least getting through the day.

Back Home, and Feeling Bled Dry

Just got back from the hospital after having this morning's blood tests done. (See the previous blog entry from way too early this morning for more.)

These tests were somewhat invasive, and more to the point, drained a lot of blood out of my system. That said, I'm exhausted, hungry (of course), and am physically wiped put somewhat from them. As a result, I'm working from home for the rest of the day, and just need a bit of physical rest and liquid and food refreshment before I get up to anything else today.

Geology class was interesting last night, and I'm looking forward to the second class of the week tonight. Once I'm a bit refreshed, of course.

Going to make some breakfast now, and rejuvenate the body somewhat.

Later, folks. :)