March 13th, 2012

A Bit of a Setback?

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good after yesterday's work day and then the afternoon spent doing some "game cleaning" with spross (see the next journal entry for more on that).

Came into the office for a full day of work today, and have felt mostly all right this morning.

Had something of a small coughing fit about twenty minutes ago, and while the coughing has subsided, my chest is now hurting again and I'm a bit short of breath at times. Went into the lounge to sit for a bit, just trying to recover somewhat, but am back at the work desk now, and it's still hurting.

Don't know what caused or started the coughing fit. But I really want to avoid any more.

Yesterday's Gaming Clean-Up (and CanGames)

As noted yesterday, and in the earlier blog entry, had a relatively good Monday, and did some "gaming clean-up".

After work yesterday, I came home and had a bit of lunch at the house. Part of the reason for that was that I decided to work through lunch, so I ate a somewhat late lunch around 1:45 pm. spross arrived at my place, and we started by going out to the pharmacy. He needed to pick up some prescription stuff, and I wanted to talk to the pharmacist about a couple of things. Grabbed a bottle of shampoo and a cereal option that looked good while in the Metro grocery store where the pharmacy is located, and then headed back to my place.

Once back at the house, spross and I got down to work. (With him doing pretty much all of the work.) The purpose of the afternoon was to go through my storage cupboard of games and books and 1) find the copies of the Savage Mars rpg and the printed stuff for it; and 2) clean out the gaming collection and set up the box for stuff to be sold at this year's CanGames. Had mixed success with the former, and was surprised by how little I've got to sell gaming-wise this year at CanGames.

The only thing that we found in the storage room related to the Mars game was the actual rulebook itself... well, the two copies that I hung on to. There were no print copies of the PDF materials of any of the gaming stuff that have come out for the game, and none of my copies of the usual summaries and stuff of abilities and the like that I usually print out. Still hoping that spross is able to find that stuff, or at least some of it, at his place (since I'm hoping that he took all that stuff home with him to keep for the sake of having it around, as it was all pretty beautiful).

Insofar as the boxing up of gaming stuff to sell at CanGames, I was surprised there was as little as there was. This is no doubt due to the fact that I've been culling the games collection for the past three or four years, and as such, I've got mostly the stuff that I want to keep now. And the stuff that I'm actively running. There are certain rpgs that I won't get rid of at all - DragonQuest (all its editions that I have), Universe, DC Heroes, SkyRealms of Jorune, Ringworld, Pendragon (1st Edition boxed set), The Dying Earth, Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet, Blue Planet (both 1st and 2nd Editions), Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning and a few others - and then there are the games that hold fond memories for me, that I've actually written or edited for, or that I'm actively running that won't be going anywhere. So, as a result, there's not a good deal of stuff that I'm selling this year, but there's enough there that I can make (a little bit of) money when I sell them. I hope.

Some of the stuff that I'll be selling off this year are extra copies of Airship Pirates, Blue Planet, and Atomic Highway, as well as Dreamwalker, Hellas game products, Arrowflight (both editions), and some other games and materials as well. (Still haven't decided what I'm going to sell from the board games stuff.) There will be a bit of something for everyone, as long as "everyone" includes those with some eclectic taste in roleplaying games and the like. :) In any event, hope to see some of the folks reading this LJ entry at CanGames. :)

New Dinosaurs Fill in Evolutionary Gaps

In palaeontology news, a team of five Canadian scientists has identified two new species of dinosaurs from the famous fossil beds of southern Alberta, including one that points to the pivotal North American evolution of a family of pint-sized, plant-eating creatures related to the triceratops.

New Dinosaur Species Help Scientists Fill in Evolutionary Gaps

Interesting stuff, indeed. :)

Home From Work

Home from work, and am still feeling pretty...ill (for lack of a better word).

The work day was pretty tough, especially with the coughing fits inducing chest pain. The problem is that the pain is now on the right side of my chest and the upper muscles, and up into my ear. The cough is still there occasionally, it hurts to breathe, and I've got a bit of a sore throat. Or not, where the latter symptom is concerned.

In the meantime, I've been taking it easy since I got home, and am doing a bit of homework for tonight's Geology class, which I'm looking forward to attending. And yes, I intend to take it easy there, too, and not talk as much as I normally might. We'll see how that goes.