April 6th, 2012

Happy Easter, All!

Happy Easter (weekend), everyone!

I would like to wish all my LJ friends, and for that matter all my friends who aren't on LJ (so aren't reading this!), a very Happy Easter.

May you all have a really great weekend, eat plenty of food, and indulge in those chocolate Easter bunny eggs! :)
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Of Aquatic and Feathered Dinosaurs

Taking a quick break from doing proofreading work at the moment. Some interesting new stuff going on in the world with dinosaur news and all that.

First off, earlier in the week, I posted this little entry about the aquatic dinosaurs business. Brian Switek posted this more definitive statement on his Dinosaur Tracking blog over on Smithsonianblog.com...

Paleontologists Sink Aquatic Dinosaur Nonsense

Then, yesterday, the Ottawa Citizen had a new piece about a recent dinosaur find:

Canadian Scientist Unveils Giant Feathered Dinosaur Find

Discover Magazine posted this inciteful piece by one of the folks involved in the discovery with some interesting photos:

The One-Ton Turkey: Further Adventures in Slow-Cooked Science

Lovely stuff, that piece.

Finally, Brian Switek has put some interesting observations on this new discovery in his Dinosaur Tracking blog once more:

Yutyrannus, the Most Cuddly Dinosaur Ever

Lots of food for thought in these dinosaur musings of the last couple of days.

Back to proofreading again.