April 17th, 2012

On Reading Old LSH Comics

Yesterday was one of those days that I think was good for me.

After the intense playtesting of the All For One: Régime Diabolique scenario for CanGames (that I blogged about yesterday), I decided after work yesterday to get away from roleplaying games the rest of the day, and read...comics. Not just any old comics, but old Legion of Super-Heroes comics.

I've been a fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes comics for decades now, and to be honest, I haven't picked up comics from my local store for some four months now (but who's counting?) as there's been so much else going on and all. However, I've started to re-read the LSH comics from the beginning back in February, and have been working my way gradually through stuff. This recent batch that I've been reading has been entertaining to say the least.

Some of the highlights during the current run that I've been re-reading have been the story of the dead Soljer from World War VI; the introduction of Tyroc and his joining the Legion; the changing of the guard as Wildfire took over as Legion leader and his clash with other members; his bringing Dawnstar into the Legion; the introduction of the Sklarian raiders; the return of the Time Trapper; the introduction of (or should that be the return of?) Pulsar Stargrave; the death of Chemical King to prevent another world war; two terrific tales pitting the Legion against the Fatal Five; a crossover between the Justice League of America, the Justice Society of America, and the Legion against Mordru and the Demons Three; and the marriage of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. But the re-reading of the comics has given me something else.

My love of the Legion has suffered a bit over the past few years, what with the latest re-boot of the DC Comics universe and the relaunch (twice) of the Legion comics. And I have to say that the re-reads of the comics that I've been doing has renewed my interest in the Legion, but also made me realise how terrific the Legion comics were back in the old days. Sure, some of the writing was sub-standard and some of the plots were hokey, and yes, the artwork at times was murky, muddy, and to the point where you couldn't tell some of the Legionnaires apart other than by their costumes. But you know what? The comics were better overall back then, the plots were more original than a lot of the stuff coming out these days, and overall the comics were more fun to read. The LSH comics that I'm reading were published back in the days when the DCU had multiple Earths, where continuity in a comic was something to be cherished, not to be paid lip service to, and where writers and artists stayed on comic book titles for periods of time.

And with all that said, I have to say that I'm having a really good time reading the old Legion comics. Sure, I'll pick up my comics that are waiting for me when CanGames is over, but I've got to say that regardless of the quality of the Legion comics these days...

Long Live the Legion! :)

(Oh, and if anyone can identify the issues from which the highlights I mention above come, let's see how much my fellow LSH fans know about Classic LSH!)

More Dinosaur Stuff for Your Perusal

Some more bits and pieces from the world of palaeontology.

First off, an interesting claim from Chechnya...

Chechnya Claims World's Largest Dinosaur Eggs

The story seems doubtful to me, given the size measurements of the eggs cited, so we'll see how this one does (or doesn't) develop! :)

Our second story of the day is from the Argus Leader and this dispute...

Dispute Over South Dakota Dinosaur Settled Out of Court

And we finally have Brian Switek's latest offering in his Dinosaur Tracking blo over on Smithsonian.com:

Wading with Sauropods