April 25th, 2012

Foot Woes

As mentioned in this blog entry, I've hurt another foot. Figured I would talk about this now, as to be honest, I have a decision to make.

On Friday night last, I was running the playtest of one of the two Primeval RPG games that I'll be running at CanGames this year, and things went pretty swimmingly during the events of the game session and testing of the adventure. However, at one point, my goddaughter, Ellie, bless her soul, had a bit of a temper tantrum, and she took it out stomping all over the place and stuff.

Well, guess where she stomped at one point? Yep, that's right - my left foot, the one with the broken pinkie toe. She didn't step/stomp on the foot evenly, and instead caught me on the toe next to the pinkie. And she broke it at the top of the toe below the cuticle. Needless to say, I'm a bloody mess in terms of the toe, as the toe itself is badly swollen, there's a very large band of black, red, and blue bruising, and I can barely walk on the foot. The pinkie didn't suffer too badly from the experience, but to be honest, that doesn't make me feel any better.

In any event, Kathy was really apologetic about my goddaughter's actions, and she's volunteered to pay for any medical expenses for drugs or whatever that I need to combat this latest...setback.

In the meantime, life goes on. To add insult to injury, I've now got a nasty corn on the bottom of my right foot, on the outside, right below the base of the pinkie toe. Walking is not fun at the moment at all, but everyone is highly amused at my crippled gait as I do so. Ha ha - NOT!

Diabetes Update

I came back home from the Diabetes Clinic, and a stop off at Kelsey's for lunch, around 3:30 pm, but couldn't bring myself to type this at that time, since my feet were bothering me so badly that I took a couple of painkillers and lay down for a bit. It's now after supper time, but better late than never.

The news at the Diabetes Clinic was not that good. But there's a bigger complication. Let me start at the beginning... I received a letter from my diabetes specialist, Dr. Ooi, a couple of months ago informing me that he was no longer treating diabetes patients as he was going to concentrate on his main endocrine practice. So my appointment today was going to be with a new, different doctor. I was somewhat trepidatious, as this was the fourth doctor I'd be seeing in my eight years going to the Diabetes Clinic, due to various doctors coming and going (I guess, I'm not really sure). Anyway, back to the appointment...

I arrived at the hospital, and the first step was being weighed and blood tested and having my blood pressure checked. They were the same, good, and good in that order. One of the new doctor's residents, Dr. D., saw me first, and we went through my health and condition at this time, what medications I'm on, and all the basic information that happens with this process when you start seeing a doctor from scratch, regardless of type. I know that I've been stressed, having a hard time sticking to eating healthy foods and doing any kind of lifestyle, and not getting a lot of exercise the last few months, and with all the foot problems and back problems I've had the last six months, not to mention the endoscopy and colonoscopy (and I'm having another of the former at the beginning of June...yuckk!), well, let's just say I've not been doing well with the diabetes control. My a1C jumped up to 9.2. Not good. Dr. D. examined my feet, and told me that with the broken toes (that the x-rays confirmed) my feet are still in pretty good shape and I have almost no neuropathy in them. Just gotta treat them better, and protect them better. :) She informed me that the doctor would be in to see me shortly.

When the doctor finally came in, he was a kindly Indian man, and I rather liked him. Dr. A. talked with me about my current state of diabetes, and wanted to add Januvia to my drug regimen, but when I told him that I was having another endoscopy at the beginning of June, he decided to hold off on additional drugs or insulin, as the endoscopy would cause problems with any new drugs that I started taking. The final decision was to give me a chance to get my lifestyle back together again, and see if I could manage things through to the beginning of September. At that time, we'd re-evaluate the situation.

So, the diabetes situation is not great, but I've also got to get myself together when it comes to dealing with it, and eating, acting right, and generally giving myself the chance to stay on the oral meds past the Fall. I hope I'm up to it, and can pull it off.