May 16th, 2012

Of Cars and Bosses

Woke up this morning after a terrible night's sleep. The humidity in the air really got to me last night, and I also seem to have slept badly on my left shoulder. *sigh*

Spoke to the folks from the Chrysler dealer, and they will be picking up the car from my place around 2:00 pm this afternoon (or so they say). Will believe this when I see the car is gone when I get home from work in the early afternoon.

In work related news, finally found out why the boss was being such a mean bugger this past couple of weeks. It turns out he was one of the folks given a pink slip several weeks ago, and so he is out of the office as of yesterday. This makes my work life a bit more stressful, as the new boss will be showing up in the office on Tuesday of next week, and it means adjusting to a new superior's way of doing things, but I also have to hope that he understands my medical condition(s) and all. On the other hand, it makes the last few weeks under my old boss understandable, and with his departure today, certainly lends an air of calm and quiet at the office.

Should make the week after CanGames interesting, to say the least.

Happy Birthday, xnbach!

Today is xnbach's birthday!

Happy birthday, Thom! :)

May the Goddess bless with you with good health, happiness, good cheer, prosperity, and love over the course of the coming year, and may you always have a warm breeze at your back.

Have a terrific day, mate! :)

Happy Birthday, angusabranson!

Today is angusabranson's birthday!

Happy birthday, Angus! :)

May the Goddess bless with you with good health, happiness, good cheer, prosperity, and love over the course of the coming year, and may you always have a warm breeze at your back. And, of course, best wishes for the success of Chronicle City, your new gaming venture!

Have a terrific day, mate, and raise a mug or two for me in celebration! :)

Games I'll Be Selling at CanGames, 2012

Well, with CanGames, the local Ottawa gaming convention on the weekend of May 18th, just around the corner - literally, in two days time! - I have decided to sell some of my gaming stuff off at the convention.

So here, for those who might be interested in what I'm selling off, I thought I'd post up a listing here...

Roleplaying Games

Airship Pirates Roleplaying Game (hc; extra copy)

Arrowflight RPG, 1st Edition
Arrowflight RPG, 2nd Edition
Island Nations

Atomic Highway Roleplaying Game (extra copy)

Barbarians of the Aftermath (hc)

Blue Planet: Archipelago
Blue Planet v2 Moderator's Guide (hc)

Ghosts of Albion Roleplaying Game (hc)

GURPS Blue Planet

Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone (x2) (hc)
Hellas: Princes of the Universe (hc)

Legends of Anglerre Roleplaying Game (hc)

Mars: Savage Setting of Planetary Romance (hc)

Out of Time: Adventures for Trail of Cthulhu

Steampunk RPG (Uber RPG)
Universal Airship Combat System (Uber RPG)
Urban Steampunk (Uber RPG)


The Company Wars (Mayfair Games)


Outreach (SPI)
StarForce SPI)
StarSoldier (SPI)

Ticket to Ride: Marklin
Ticket to Ride: Switzerland

That's about it for this year, since I've pretty much culled my rpg and board game collections as much as I intend to for a little while. If you have any questions or want to address any comments to me about the stuff I've got for sale, please do so at my e-mail address: johnk100 AT sympatico DOT ca .

Hope to see some folks from here at CanGames this weekend! :)

The Weekend's Playtesting

Worked from home today, as I was feeling somewhat rough and under the weather, and things worked out fine with that, and I had a productive work day. So that was good.

Figured I should bring folks up-to-date on the weekend stuff.

Both the Friday night and Saturday gaming groups got to playtest the All For One: Régime Diabolique scenario for CanGames, "Une Abondance de la Folie", and the two groups had somewhat different experiences with the game, to say the least.

The Friday night gamers showed up around 7:10 pm, and we got into the game rather quickly, though David (the relative newbie to the group) asked some interesting questions during the 10-minute period of going through the game mechanics and stuff. The game session ran almost five (5) hours long - an hour over the time that is scheduled! - and I discovered through the play of the adventure that the scenario had some terrible hiccups and a few glitches in it. (This is not to be unexpected when writing and playtesting adventures for conventions, hence the reason for doing it, but still...) Suffice it to say, while the Friday gamers had a good time with the adventure and got to constructively critique and bash it to pieces, it was not a pleasant experience for me (other than in a learning sense) at all. Useful, but not pleasant. I spent most of Saturday re-writing, cleaning up, and otherwise tightening the scenario and some of the game stats needed to be altered before running the adventure again on the Sunday gaming group.

My friend from Smith Falls, knightbane, was supposed to come up and help game the scenario playtest on the Sunday, but couldn't make it out (again) unfortunately. The Sunday gaming group showed up at their usual time, and we got into the scenario, each of my three players having to take on the role of two of the player characters. Tammy had fun asking questions about the game system as if she were a newbie at the table, and I realised I needed to add some basic material about the magick system of All For One, but that part of the process went well. The playtest of the adventure went smoother than I had expected, to be honest, and while there were still a few wrinkles to it, I managed to get the adventure just around four (4) hours in length (and that's with 3 players taking on the role of 6 characters). There will be some more tweaking that I will need to do for the adventure, but I expected that. Heck, I expected a lot worse, to be honest, and I have to say that I was gratified to have the scenario work out pretty much as I hoped it would after the Saturday re-writes.

Other than spending a bit of time Sunday night doing a quick set of notes on material to add to the All For One adventure, I took the night off gaming, and just did a bit of palaeontological reading, and some sorting of new CDs that I've been meaning to get to. Both gaming groups have agreed to do the playtest of the Primeval RPG scenario that I'll be running at CanGames this coming Friday and Sunday, as they want to get the playtesting out of the way and get on with the game campaigns. I'm looking forward to that.

Car in for Servicing II

As mentioned in several previous posts, there were all sorts of problems with the Chrysler dealer coming to pick up my car. As noted in this morning's blog post, I called the dealership again and was assured that the car would be picked up by the time I got home from work today.

Needless to say, when I got home this afternoon around 3:00 pm, my Chrysler Sebring was still sitting in the parking lot in front of my condo townhouse! I was not very happy, and managed to get in touch with the folks at the dealership again, who told me that they had been to pick up the car, but I learned that they had sent them out to the wrong address both times! After speaking to the folks at customer care and getting the address and the computer records cleared up, they agreed to come by and pick up the car by 5:00 pm.

The two-man team from the dealership showed up around 5:00 pm and picked up the car as promised. They apologised on behalf of everyone at the Chrysler dealership for the mix-up and foul up, and told me that they will have the car serviced as soon as possible, but with the Victoria Day weekend coming up, I might not have it back until early next week.

In the meantime, I will manage.