May 23rd, 2012

Last of the Kage Bakers?

I came home yesterday from work to find that one of my favourite author's last books had shown up in my snail mail.

Kage Baker has been one of my favourite authors since the debut of her first book, In the Garden of Iden, though I think I had read a couple of her short stories by then as well. I've read everything that has been published by this wonderful author, who died well before her time.

What may well be the last of her books, a collection from Subterranean Press called The Best of Kage Baker (see the book at this link), showed up at my door from I just have to hope that some more Kage Baker short fiction and/or some more "last books" by this author turn up from one of the publishers in the future. But even if nothing new comes out, Kage Baker's books are some of my favourite works, and I'll continue to re-read them until the day I die.

Kage Baker: An author whose time was too soon, and who is sorely missed by this devotee of her work.

CanGames 2012 Day 2 Report

Here's my report and write-up on the second day of CanGames 2012. You can read the report on CanGames 2012, Day 1 by following the link. This report on the second day of CanGames 2012 is quite long since I ran two games on the Saturday, and there are quite a few photos in the post. Naturally, it's behind the cut for those who aren't interested.

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