June 25th, 2012

A Cold June Day

What a bizarre days this is so far.

Here I am, sitting at work, and I couldn't believe the weather out there while coming in for the job this morning. It was 60C out there when I came in to work, and it's only going up to something like 130C today. And it's June!

What bizarre, what lovely weather.

Now, if it wasn't raining cats and dogs out there, I'd be really content.

Happy Birthday, viktor_haag!

Today is my LJ friend, viktor_haag's, birthday!

Happy Birthday, Viktor. Here's wishing you a terrific birthday. May the Goddess bless you with happiness, good health, prosperity, and joy in all that you do, and may there always be a warm wind at your back for the coming year.

Have a terrific birthday, mate. :)