August 31st, 2012

A Friday Morning Post

A dark, dismal, and grim day out there today here in Ottawa. The weather is going to be a bit on the warm, humid side today, but there is supposed to be lots of rain. (This is good for plants and stuff, I hear.)

I've come in to work as usual today to do another half day's hours. I've still got the cough and the phlegm, and the ear/neck/throat stuff going on, but can't say I feel as bad as I have in the past from whatever this is, and hope that the con crud is also on its way out. Work is going as well as can be expected, but the Tylenol Sinus seems to be doing its job, and keeping my head relatively clear during business hours, which is all I can ask.

The two gaming groups on Friday night and Sunday afternoon will definitely be back in action this weekend (well, starting tonight), and I'm quite looking forward to that. I've not decided what games will be on the docket this weekend, but it'll likely be either Primeval RPG or Broken Rooms. I'm definitely not ready to run Shadows of Esteren or Yggdrasill, much as I would like to, but the two groups will be pretty happy to play either Primeval RPG or Broken Rooms, I suspect.

More on the gaming stuff later in the afternoon.

Some Musical Humour

A bit of humour, in a musical vein, for the day. Heard this one in the office while on my tea break.

Three notes walk into a bar: a C, an E-flat, and a G. The bartender says he doesn't serve minors. So the E-flat leaves and the C and G have a fifth between them.

Friday Night Gaming Choices

Home from work for the day, and have been taking a bit of a breather since I came in from work around 1:30 pm.

The air in the city of Ottawa today has just felt very heavy to me for the most part, and my breathing has suffered somewhat today from this. When I got home, I just figured I'd take it easy for a bit, and have finally gotten up from napping and am about to do some gaming work for this evening with the Friday night gaming group.

The gaming group tonight will either be continuing on with their Primeval RPG game campaign, made significantly easier on me with the release of the game rulebook at GenCon this year. Fear not, those of you who pre-ordered the books. For those who've pre-ordered the book, they're being mailed out to Canadian/U.S. customers even as we speak, with U.K./Europe pre-orders going out next week (or the week after, if they're delayed). The rest of the folks who want the game will have to wait a bit longer than that for them to hit gaming stores. The only problem I have with actually having a physical copy of the Primeval RPG game book is that I've still got four versions of the game rules in my head (though they are pretty similar to one another, thank Goddess) and am not used to having a physical copy to leaf through to find certain info and stuff. :)

Or the Friday night gamers will start character generation for the Broken Rooms rpg tonight, if they've decided that's the route they want to go. The game is a fascinating game about 13 alternate worlds called the Nearside, the (broken) people who can travel between these worlds (called Nearsiders), and goes from there. Broken Rooms uses a game system called the Momentum system that uses d12s for its rolls, and is quite simple and intuitive once one gets the hang of it. I had shown the game to the Friday nighters at last week's gaming session, and their interest in the game has grown somewhat this week. (That, and I think they know that it's going to take me a bit more time to get ready to run a Shadows of Esteren game.)

So, we'll see what shakes out with this.

Meantime, off to take another sinus rinse.

Getting Ready to (Friday Night) Game

Kathy, Nick, and Ellie just arrived for gaming.

Looks like we're going to be doing the Broken Rooms RPG this evening. I've been looking forward to this all week, though I wasn't sure they'd choose the game.

We'll be doing character generation tonight, hopefully finishing it up and getting in a couple of samples of game mechanics and maybe some combat.

Gotta go finish washing the supper dishes, then it's on to gaming.

'Night, all.