September 4th, 2012

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

As noted in the last few days' blog entries, Medical Week From Hell continues today.

Today's tests involve a trip to small clinic for an ultrasound of my neck and throat, but only the left side as noted on the tests requisition. I do have to wonder why Dr. Quack didn't order the test for the whole neck and throat, and not just the one side, other than the fact that what I have seems to be confined (for now) to the one side. *sigh*

Otherwise, I've been feeling a bit better, and think that the cold/con crud thing I had is finally going away, and the symptoms are easing off. Personally, I think it's the echinacea I've been taking in a higher dose since I returned from Indianapolis.

Didn't sleep all that well last night, partially due to the physical discomfort from the CT scan yesterday, and partially because there's too much in my head right now.

In the meantime, I'm sitting at work this a.m. doing the best that I can, and trying to psyche myself up for another test today. I really am spending way too much time this year in doctor's offices or at hospitals or medical clinics.

The Mysterious Martharaptor

Here's an interesting piece about a dinosaur that's posing some challenges...

What is a Martharaptor? That's what palaeontologists Phil Senter of Fayetteville State University, Jim Kirkland and Don DeBlieux of the Utah Geological Survey, want to know. Published last week in PLoS One, they've got a lot of folks interested, as too little of the creature was preserved to be sure, but the enigmatic theropod may belong to one of the strangest dinosaur lineages of all time.

The Mysterious Martharaptor