September 7th, 2012

Friday Morning Thoughts

Another Friday morning in the Ottawa valley. Quite comfortable this morning, on the way to work, but it should be more humid and a bit warmer by the time I leave the office today.

This is going to be either a very long day or a very strange day, depending.

I'll be leaving the office today around 11:30 pm, as I have an appointment at the Ottawa General Hospital to have a bone density test done, as well as have some bloodwork specific to osteo stuff. There's a possibility that I will also have a bone biopsy done as well, and if so, I might not be gaming this evening with the Friday night gaming group.

In the meantime, I am consoled by the fact that Medical Week From Hell is just about over with. Thank Goddess.

Catching Up with Palaeo News VII

Once more, catching up on some palaentological news, and a few other things...

I thought this was interesting - another long-lived Cambrian survivor...

The Long-Lived Legacy of the Cambrian's "Wonderful Life"

Something on the sound of ecological devastation...

This is What Extinction Sounds Like

The XKCDS website has a piece on feathered dinosaurs, and why the past keeps getting cooler.


The Past Keeps Getting Cooler

What do Spider-Man, a dinosaur and a banana have in common? :)

Nature's Kerri Smith profiles Chinese palaeontologist Xing Xu:

China's Dinosaur Hunter: The Ground Breaker

Brian Switek shares his thoughts on a recently new paper on a subject.

What's Sexy to a Dinosaur?

And that's it for now. :)

Bone Density Tests, and Gaming

Got home around 3:20 pm this afternoon, after having the bone density tests.

I was fortunate that they chose not to do a bone biopsy at this time, although they did give me a light sedative in case they needed to do so. That said, I had a battery of blood tests that involved the taking of fourteen (14!) vials of blood. Almost as many as the very first tests I had to determine whether I had diabetes way back when. That said, better the blood tests than the bone biopsy.

Anyway, when I got home I went to bed for a bit and had a good nap. I felt bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I woke up around 4:30 pm or so, and made a call to Kathy and Tom to let them know that gaming is on for tonight.

Looking forward to starting the Broken Rooms game campaign this evening. Will blog about this tomorrow.