September 15th, 2012

Yesterday's Game

As noted in yesterday's journal, the Friday night gaming group came over last night to play in the ongoing game.

Broken Rooms went quite well, and I was pleased at how the scenario is developing for the Friday nighters. I'll blog about this a bit later today, but for the nonce I have to go out and do a bit of veggie shopping if I plan to eat any form of supper tonight or have an omelette on Sunday morning.

Friday Night Game - Broken Rooms Session

As promised earlier today, I said I would blog about yesterday's (Friday) gaming session with the Friday night group. As noted in earlier posts, the Friday night gamers started their Broken Rooms campaign last week, and they continued on yesterday night. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry.

Note: Unless a character or non-player character has a superscript number attached to their name, all characters and non-player characters hail from Earth1, the Ordinary World (our world).

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And that was the wrap-up for the Friday session of Broken Rooms. The players were somewhat surprised at the (pseudo)cliffhanger on which I ended things for the night, but said that they had a great night's play, are enjoying the game quite a lot, love the simplicity of the mechanics, and are looking forward to the next session of the game. Angela and David are still struggling a bit with the business about Momentum rolls, but otherwise the group seems to be handling the game situation and the system quite well.

I'm quite looking forward to next week's game session. Having a lot of fun with this game! :)