September 21st, 2012

It's H.G. Wells's Birthday

For those who are unaware of such things or just plain don't necessarily care about them, today is H.G. Wells's birthday. Well, would have been, if he were still alive.

An outspoken socialist and pacifist, Wells is considered one of the two "Fathers of Science Fiction" (the other being Jules Verne). He led a remarkable life, wrote some fascinating books that were and still are considered science fiction romances, but had other claims to fame as well.

While I first read Asimov's Foundation as my introduction to science fiction when I was 9 or so, it was Wells's The Time Machine that may well have cemented my love of the genre, and taught me that "modern" sf in 1965 or thereabouts had predecessors that were just as important to read and know about.

Rest well, George Herbert Wells. You earned it.

Getting Ready to Game on a Friday Night

Getting ready to run this evening's session of Broken Rooms with the Friday night gaming group. I'll be gaming tonight at Kathy's place in Ottawa's west end, so will need to head out soon.

I expect this session of play to wrap-up the first adventure for the Friday night gamers, so have spent part of the afternoon making notes on the second scenario that I want to run. I've run the first game adventure based pretty much on an outline, and so far it's worked as well as I could have hoped for. The second scenario will be a bit more of a challenge, I think, but that's all well and good.

Anyway, need to just glance at the notes I have for the first adventure before running the game this evening. Then it's off to the Ottawa's west end for tonight's session, and dinner with Kathy and my goddaughter, before an evening of gaming.

Goodnight, everyone.