September 23rd, 2012

Gaming Thoughts for a Sunday

A lovely morning in the Ottawa valley, bright and sunny, but a bit crisp and cool.

Perfect day for taking an early morning walk, which I did after eating a healthy breakfast of Cheerios with some celery and cream cheese.

Getting ready for the afternoon with the Sunday gaming group, as they will continue their Broken Rooms introductory scenario, which I've not really talked about the last couple of weeks.

spross dropped by after work yesterday, and gave me a hand sorting out the rpgs a bit, since I needed to put away some of the new haul of games from GenCon, move things around a bit, and start a brand new box up for stuff that I intend to sell at CanGames, 2013 this coming year. I was kind of surprised when it was all said and done, as I'd decided to purge a lot of the rpgs that I've got and just keep certain systems that I really liked over the years - DragonQuest, Universe, DC Heroes, Dying Earth, SkyRealms of Jorune, WitchCraft, and Ringworld, to name a few - but there was a *lot* of stuff that I'm going to sell at CanGames this coming May. More to come on this as the convention gets closer (and besides, I can't get to the box to check things out right now). :)

Overall, it was a good bit of work on spross and I on this.

In the meantime, going to spend a bit more time this morning translating one of the Shadows of Esteren fan-made French scenarios into English, and then get ready for this afternoon's game.