September 24th, 2012

Monday Morning Thoughts

Another Monday morning, another very cool day in the Ottawa valley (at least it was when I came in to work this a.m.).

I woke up this morning after a terrible night's sleep, not so much tossing and turning but waking up at various times. When I got out of bed to start the morning ablutions, I discovered I have a sore throat. I don't know if it's a function of whatever's going on in my neck and throat, but it hasn't gone away yet this morning.

I'm only working a half-day today, as I need to be at the hospital at 2:30 pm for the ultrasound in preparation for having the neck/throat biopsy done at some point after this appointment. Since they also need some more blood tests, I have to go for those before the ultrasound, so will be going to the hospital somewhat earlier than planned. Doesn't sound like a fun day at all.

Back After the Tests, and Some Sleep

Got back from the hospital around 5:00 pm. After a short talk with a friend about a couple of things, went to lie down on me bed, and woke about ten minutes ago.

Got to the hospital in time to have the blood tests first. The nice nurse/technician, Gloria, made the process as painless as possible and drew twelve (12) vials of blood. "They're really doing a full work-up on you, aren't they?" she said. Definitely.

Went from there to Radiology, where the ultrasounds are also done. I had a short wait there, and was able to read a little bit. Started another book, one of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next novels (forget which one). The prep for the tests started around 2:35 pm, and they told me that because some of the ultrasound tests were going to require lots of "probing", a slight sedative would be administered. I think that I have just had ultrasounds of every possible lymph node in my body, and am glad that I was sort of conscious for most of them. When it was over and done with, about 2 hours (I think) later, I was functional but... It's a good thing that I was able to get a lift home from Crystal, who had agreed last week to volunteer for this duty today, as I wouldn't have been able to tell a taxi where to go at that point. Anyway, got home with Crystal's aid, and went to bed. And slept, as noted above.

I feel a lot better, though I hurt in places one should and should not hurt (no doubt from the pressure and all from the ultrasound hand-held device on me poor body parts), and I'm relatively awake now. I'm making a tilapia, mashed potatoes, salad, and asparagus for supper, and Crystal's sticking around to eat tonight. It's the least I owe her.

What the rest of the evening holds, I can't say. We'll see.