October 4th, 2012

NHL Hockey Next Week... NOT!

I was looking at the calendar today, and it struck me...

One week from today, October 11th, the National Hockey League 2012-2013 season was to have begun.

I say "was" because the NHL has locked out the players in a matter of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, and there doesn't seem to be any resolution to the lockout in sight.

Stupid hockey! :(

Crazy Thursday Morning

Ho, hum, another day another dollar.

But not a typical day, oh no. That would be too easy.

First off, the temperature when I came in to work was pretty warm, already in the 190C range, and heading for a balmy high of 21 degrees. Second, the boss informed us that two jobs are being dropped from our department in the next week or so. No info, yet. And finally, third, I have an appointment at the doctor's in a bout three hours to see what's going on. Just lovely.

Later, folks. :)