October 22nd, 2012

Thoughts of the Week

Start of a new week. This promises to be a long week, as I have a lot of stuff I need to do, and there's some health concerns this week as well.

First up this week is that I have to go for blood tests twice this week, as the doctor and specialist have ordered some more tests. The first blood tests have to be done later today, right after I get off work, and then the second batch of tests need to be done on Wednesday. Not looking forward to this, as to be honest, I hate blood tests regardless.

Second, my mother's got several appointments at the hospital Cancer Clinic that I need to take her to, so this will be taking up some time this week, though I hope to make some inroads in my reading (as I've not been reading all that much this month for various reasons). Between this and the blood tests, it just seems that I'll be spending a lot of time in hospitals this week.

Finally, I've got to do some serious work if I can this week on some of the game material for Shadows of Esteren, as I need to get my campaign notes and scenario notes in some semblance of order. With both games kicking into high gear this coming weekend, getting myself organised for this is a must.

Friday Night Game Report - Shadows of Esteren Session I

Friday night, I started to run the Shadows of Esteren game in earnest on the Friday gaming group. In any event, here's the game play report on the session. You can read this blog entry to learn who and what the player characters are. I've put this journal entry under a cut, since some folks aren't interested in roleplaying games and game session reports. On with the show...

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And there you have the first session of the game actually run. Because of the quick rehash of the rules, game mechanics, and the samples of combat, the first session of actual play was relatively short, only a few hours of the total session. The players told me that they had a pretty good time with the game, and rather liked the Shadows of Esteren game world, and got a good taste of it. This opening to the adventure was designed to give them a bit of a feel for Tálesh and its people as well as the rest of the game world, and then to bring them right into the plot. That worked pretty well, I thought, and the players told me that they're curious about what's actually going on.

Looking forward to the next game session. :)

Sunday Shadows of Esteren Game Session

Sunday afternoon, the gaming group met as per usual. I had hoped that the game session wouldn't drag out too much, so as to allow the players to actually get into play of the game, but such was not the case.

The gaming group got down to business in this session, doing some samples of the combat system of Shadows of Esteren. You can read about the characters the three players - spross, Tammy, and Douglas - are playing in this blog entry. The session started with a refresher course about some snippets of the game world, due to the changes in characters that have been made, and was followed by a bit of time spent on the game mechanics.

Then it was deep into the combat system, with sample combats to learn the combat system from actually playing it, rather than from the point of view of reading/learning about it. I started off with some one-on-one combats between the player characters, working them all the possible combinations of player vs. player. This led to some basic revelations about the characters and their combat capabilities, with one exception that I won't go into here. This was followed up with some sample combat against villagers, brigands, some dwellers in ruins, and a couple of other types of non-player characters.

To be honest, I didn't get to the point of setting them up against some real opposition, using foes to the end of the session that were pretty much their equals or slightly lower (other than Doug's character), nor was I able to have them take on some animals. The first part of the game session took longer than I had expected, to be honest, and we just straight out ran out of time for the session.

Still, it was an entertaining session of Shadows of Esteren for me, and showed me more about the players and their characters within the setting. There are some unforeseen complications that I encountered, but otherwise, it went smoother than I expected, and the players seemed to have a good time.