November 27th, 2012

Primeval: New World Season 1, Episode 5 Thoughts (Spoilers)

I caught the fifth episode of Primeval: New World, "Undone", last night, and thought I'd offer my thoughts on the episode here on the blog. Given that there are major spoilers in the write-up below, I offer this entry under a cut to allow those who don't want to be spoiled about the episode to forego this entry if they so choose, and come back to it once they've seen the episode.

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Friday Night Game Report - Shadows of Esteren Session 6

As promised, here is the blog on the Friday night gaming session. The Friday gaming group continued their Shadows of Esteren campaign, and it was an interesting game, with some hard fought skirmishes. You can read about the previous session in this blog entry. As usual, this blog entry is quite long, so for those who are interested it is presented behind the cut so as to allow non-rpgers the mercy of not having to read the entry! :) For those who want to do so, enjoy! :)

Note: If you are in my Sunday gaming group, please do not read this post, as there are spoilers in it for a future scenario that you'll be playing in. Thanks. :)

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This game session of Shadows of Esteren went pretty well, I thought, but other than the two skirmishes against the creatures involved, was rather sedate and had a lot of good chat and dialogue between the players. Nick, Angela, Kathy, and Tom did a really good job in one memorable sequence, and shed a good deal of light on their characters to the other players. The players are getting the hang of combat quite well, and are limiting the risks they take at this point, something that I commented about to the group. Their response was something along the lines of, "Yeah, John, it's *deadly* in this game, we don't want to die!". Seems they've learned one of the basic Shadows of Esteren lessons well. :)

In any event, looking forward to Friday night's game. :)