January 24th, 2013

Another Cold Day in Ottawa, and HttLW Thoughts

Another brutal day weather-wise here in the Ottawa valley.

The temperature for today is -20oC, with a wind chill of -28oC. Bloody cold!

I wasn't able to get the car started this morning. Must be the cold weather and all. Fortunately, Donna had gotten her car started this a.m., and she was willing to come by and give me a lift to work. I'm only working a half-day today, as I've got a footcare appointment at 1:00 pm. My feet are, to put it mildly, a bit of a mess. The footcare specialist doesn't cut the nails as close as I would like them, as this is not a good idea according to her, but then the nails get too long between the appointments, and at times I have to cut them slightly myself. Add the dryness of my skin and all that goodness to it, and let's just say that my feet aren't happy. Will probably take a taxi over to the foot clinic and then another taxi home from there.

I spent part of last night reading a couple of more chapters of the Heirs to the Lost World roleplaying game, so I'm around 102 pages into the book, and have finished character generation; the Combat chapter is next, and the Magic chapter follows that one. The only things I don't like about the game so far are the organisation of the chapters and the fact that there are detailed elements of mechanics for certain stuff (although I, as GM or Game Director as the game calls it, am the one who worries about that stuff), and that some of the phrasing for stuff in the book is problematic. That said, I'm loving what I'm reading of the game, so that's all good. Now, if there were a GM... err, GD Screen for the game, I'd be a happy camper.

Anyway, for now back to work and a cup of hot chai tea to chill these old bones.

Happy Birthday, Ruth Bradley!

Happy Birthday, Ruth Bradley!

Today is actress Ruth Bradley's birthday. She is the gifted actress who played Emily Merchant in Series 4 and 5 of the Primeval tv series.

Here's wishing Ruth Bradley, who turns 26 years young today, a very Happy Birthday, and a terrific year ahead!

And here's hoping we get to see more of Emily Merchant.

Footcare Thoughts

Just got home from the foot clinic.

My feet continue to be somewhat problematic, in terms of cutting the two pinkie nails. The blood vessels are very close to the surface on those nails, and I often bleed and have a burning ache in those two toe nails when the process is done. Today is no exception.

The bottoms of my feet are very dry, as the foot specialist told me, and that's not good to have in the winter. She recommended several foot creams and protective lotions, and so I'll pick up one of these as soon as I get a few minutes of time to do so. Other than that, my feet and the toe nails are fine. :)

I managed to get a cab at the foot clinic rather quickly, and so have gotten home in good time. Needless to say, when I went out and tried to start the car again now, it started just fine, with a bit of an attempt at doing so. *sigh* Money in, money out, as they say.