February 4th, 2013

Monday Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning, feeling relatively good.

I had yesterday off from gaming with the Sunday group, so was able to take it easy most of the day and keep my swollen ankle on ice. Helped tremendously, and when I woke this morning, swelling was pretty much gone. Still hurts a little bit, but I can live with that. (Well, with a bit of Tylenol, anyway.)

This morning is a relatively cold, clear, sunny day in Ottawa with some definite wind chill to it. Work this morning has been as expected, as my boss is working his last week. There's been no word as to who the replacement boss will be, but several of my fellow office workers are somewhat concerned. Possibly for good reason, but no way to know.

In the meanwhile, I'm just going to keep my head down today and get the job done.

Well, that and try and go out after work and get a haircut. I'm feeling a bit shaggy these days.

Haircut and Illness

Why is it that folks who are quite ill and sick feel that it is necessary to go in to work, especially when they work intimately with the public?

I stopped off on the way home for a haircut, since it was getting a bit long and all, and went in to the First Choice HairCutters that I usually frequent. There were two other patrons ahead of me, and I decided to wait (since hair cutting is done in 10 to 15 minutes or so).

However, what irked me is that both employees of the place were quite sick, head stuffed and coughing at times (though always into their sleeves). And both were drinking hot liquids of some sort to try and relieve their throats and all. I've had my flu shot this year, and I decided to take my chances and stay for the haircut, but why the heck do people who are working so intimately with the public go to work when they're this ill? I mean I understand that when you've got a franchise business, like these places are, you have staffing issues, but this is something else.

Just got to hope that I don't catch a bad cold or something now. So, immune system, don't fail me now!