February 14th, 2013

In the Office

Got in to work about ten minutes ago, and am relaxing with my first cup of Chai tea of the day.

There's not a lot of paperwork on my desk this morning, which is good. I'm feeling all right for the most part, after having worked a half-day yesterday from home, although my back is quite sore.

Today promises to be a somewhat tiring day, as I've got a bit of shopping and banking (not necessarily in that order) to do, and I want to do some reading and a bit of work on my a|state RPG campaign this evening for tomorrow night and the Sunday group sessions. Looking forward to getting back to The City.

In the meantime, the new boss has just arrived so it's time to get back to some actual work this morning, and trust that the workload for the day isn't too heavy.

Happy Cupid Day

I just want to wish everyone who is celebrating Valentine's Day today a very Happy, Happy. Be good and especially kind to your loved one today, and make the day special and something to remember for the both of you. As experience has taught me in the past, sometimes one may end up with just the memories of a good Valentine's Day to remember.

Ah, well, such is life... *sigh*

Happy Birthday, fredbassett!

Here's wishing another of my Primeval friends, fredbassett, a very Happy Birthday! :)

May the Goddess bless you with good health, happiness, fortune and prosperity for the coming year, and may a warm breeze always blow at your back. And, of course, may any Anomalies that open nearby have nothing but cute, lovable beasties come through! :)

Comics Purchased for First Time This Year

Just got back from the Clyde Avenue Comic Book Shoppe with spross, after picking up my comics.

I hadn't been in to grab comics since sometime back in October (maybe, 'cause I can't honestly remember), but there weren't a lot of comics in the subscription, though I did manage to get hold of several of the back issues that I was missing.

For those who are interested, I buy several titles - Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion Lost (now defunct, thank Goddess), Fables, Fairest, Earth 2, and the current run of World's Finest. I've got a lot of comics to read, and don't know when I'll actually get around to all of them.

Primeval: New World Season 1, Episode 12 Thoughts (Spoilers)

I caught the eleventh episode of Primeval: New World, "The Sound of Thunder, Part 1", on Tuesday night, and thought I'd offer my thoughts on the episode here on the blog. I needed an extra day or so to consider how I felt about this episode, hence the slight delay in the writing of this review. Given that there are major spoilers in the write-up below, I offer this entry under a cut to allow those who don't want to be spoiled about the episode to forego this entry if they so choose, and come back to it once they've seen the episode.

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