March 6th, 2013

Some Ramblings, and Body of Proof

Woke up this morning feeling a bit more...refreshed, if nothing else.

After coming home from the doctor's office yesterday and picking up the antibiotic prescription, I took it relatively easy last night. Had a good nap after coming home, and then just lay in bed for a bit and then went up to watch some M.A.S.H. on the History channel.

I ordered out for Chinese food last night, and the food was pretty good. Won ton soup, Chinese dumplings, Beef with Chinese vegetables, and an order of General Tsau (or however it's spelled) chicken. There's enough food there for a good three or four meals, especially since I'm not eating all that much at the moment due to being ill.

Spent the rest of the evening just lying back. I watched The Taste to see what it was like, and this was followed up by Body of Proof. The former has an interesting approach and all, but is not to my taste (no pun intended). As for the latter, I don't know whether I like the direction that Body of Proof is taking, and can't say that I'm thrilled with most of the cast changes, though Dana Delany is still terrific to watch as Megan Hunt, and the character is still interesting. The rest of the cast left over from previous seasons is all right, though it seems that Jeri Ryan's Kate Murphy has been shoved into the background, and the focus is on the relationship dynamic between Megan Hunt and new character Tommy Sullivan (played by Mark Valley). I'll hang in with the series for now, but I really hope things don't change too much more.

For the first time in a couple of days, I managed to get a decent night's sleep. That helps my mood. Going back to bed for a little bit now, and then will see what the rest of the day throws at me.