April 11th, 2013

Bones of Club-Tailed Dinosaur, Probably Minus the Club

Remember my trip to the Canadian Museum of Nature back in February, and how they were having a "Dino Idol" contest to decide which palaeontological jacket would be the next museum research project? The winner was announced at the end of March, as noted in my blog entry on the subject.

Well, now the research project is underway:

Canadian Museum of Nature Reveals Bones of Club-tailed Dinosaur — Probably Minus the Club

The results probably won't be known for around another year, at least. These things take time. :)

Field Museum Has Mulled Selling Artifacts

Damn it! The Field Museum has sold off rare paintings to raise collections and acquisitions funds; the money went to staff. And now, under financial stress, the museum is considering selling its rare book collection. Doesn't selling off collections run counter to the point of being a museum?

Cash-strapped Field Museum Selling Artifacts