April 18th, 2013

A Busy Day, and Footcare Too

Today promises to be a long, tiring day. Possibly with some pain involved.

To begin with, this morning at work, the department is undergoing a security check. So from 10:30 am until around 1:30 pm, all electronic devices of a personal nature must be turned off and handed in for security purposes, to be returned around 1:00 pm. The work computers will be subject to random testing (whatever that means), and this means that actual travail will be accomplished in a random, scatter-brained fashion for this work day.

Then, the early part of my afternoon will be spent at the Footcare Clinic that I go to for the purposes of my six-week feet clean-up. My left pinkie nail has been bothering me something fierce for the last few weeks, so getting this dealt with will be a welcome relief. I've also got a couple of bad calluses on the bottom of my left foot that are in need of attention as well, so that will be a relief, too.

Finally, now that my head is relatively clear (so to speak), I need to get my act together and do some work and get the stuff ready for the adventures I plan to run for CanGames 2013, which is in slightly less than a month.

Busy day ahead. *sigh*

Meanwhile, back to work while I can do so.

Back From Footcare Appointment

Just home about fifteen minutes ago from work, after going to the Footcare Clinic for regular treatment and then doing a bit of grocery shopping.

The footcare appointment went as well as could be expected, and my feet are somewhat soothed and eased from the various pains that I've had with them over the last little while. I did have one problem with them, however. The reason that my left pinkie toe was hurting so much was due to the fact that the outer edge of the nail had curled a bit (perhaps due to sliding in my shoe*) and dug in and cut the skin at the edge of the toe. The footcare specialist was able to clean things up, smooth things out, but had to cut me a bit, so as a result, my pinkie is bleeding somewhat though it has a band-aid and antibiotic on it at the moment. We'll see how it is tomorrow morning.

Grocery shopping went well, and I'm going to do a bit of work on some of the gaming stuff for CanGames this afternoon, though spross will be dropping by with some gaming stuff as well.

* As noted above, I deal with my left foot sliding in the shoe. The reason for this is simple. My right foot is size 11, but my left foot is size 10-1/2. As a result, I buy a size 11 shoe, but it's a bit long for my left foot, so the foot slides in the shoe. Just the usual.