July 31st, 2013

Worried Thoughts of the Morning

Slept very poorly last night.

Part of this stems from the fact that I'm pretty anxious about today's neurologist appointment at the hospital. Another part of it stems from the fact that I've been feeling sick. The ear/neck/throat situation has gotten worse, and I've got a bit of a cough now accompanied with some mouth problems. But that's neither here nor there.

I'm sitting here at home, working from the house this morning, as I've got the neuro appointment at 10:45 am this morning. Figured it would be easier to work from home, as the trip to the hospital is shorter that way, though the boss wasn't happy about this, but at least I'm getting the job done.

Work is going well, though I have to say that I prefer to do the work in the office. Easier to communicate with the rest of the team working on any given translation project. In the meantime, back to it. With a cup of chai tea.

Switching the TV Provider

I have finally decided to switch.

The costs that I am pay for the telephone service, internet, and television here at home is somewhat... high. I use Bell Canada for my telephone and internet service, and Rogers Cable for my television service. But that will be changing.

Bell Canada has offered me Fibe television, and the offer they've made me is just too good to resist - and it also includes a PVR as part of the deal. I'll be saving about $80 a month on the deal as it will bundle all three together. And I'll be able to get rid of the DSL modem in the process and switch to Fibe internet as well.

The installation is set for the 13th of August, during the afternoon, assuming that the house set-up can actually take the Fibe set-up. Crossing my fingers on this. :)

The only down-side to this will be that I can't watch my beloved EastEnders any longer, as the Bell service doesn't provide the same PBS station. *sigh*

At the Hospital

Arrived at the hospital about five minutes ago.  Taxi ride was all right, and had a reasonable cost for trip to the hospital.


Have checked in here, and have been told that I will be having another blood test...possibly an MRI as well.


I brought the current book that I'm reading as well as my copy of the Primeval RPG rulebook with me to read.  Good thing.


Settling in now to wait.

Still at Hospital

I'm still at the Ottawa hospital.  Saw the doctor, after having blood tests and a few other thing checked.


The initial news about my back is not good.  The doctor said there are various means of treatment, other than surgery, but in the meantime I'm having another MRI done in about 45 minutes.


No food until after the MRI.  Then I'll be going home.  Already have another appointment.  For the nonce, just going to have to live with the pain.


For now, back to a bit of reading.  And some lukewarm decaf tea.

Home From the Hospital

I'm home.

After I went and had the MRI (and I still really hate those things!), I popped upstairs to see the neurologist again, and we chatted about a few options for treatment and some of the other stuff that I needed to know. He's scheduled another appointment with me for next week, after the MRI results are back.

After all the medical stuff, I needed some supper. I went down to the Ottawa General cafeteria and had a pretty decent lunch. Some water, a light salad with balsamic dressing, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Very nice, and not unreasonably priced.

I would have stopped off on the way home to do some grocery shopping, but just didn't have the time, and the fact that I don't have my car back from the garage as of yet is making things more challenging. In any event, got home, and will sit back now with a cup of chai tea or maybe peppermint tea, and do a bit of transcribing of game sessions for my continuing rpg LJ blog entries.

I've taken out a steak for supper this evening, and will make some mashed potatoes, green beans, and a bit of salad to have for evening meal.

For now, a bit of rest, I think.

Supper at Kelsey's

Got home from Kelsey's about ten minutes ago.

Supper tonight was all right, but nothing special. An order of bruschetta with feta cheese and a 9 oz. steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables of the day (broccoli, carrots, and red peppers). Mom wanted dessert, so we split a piece of cheesecake between us.

The meal was all right, nothing special with typical prices at Kelsey's. I can't say that it's one of my favourite restaurants, being a bit too noisy and with slow service, but mom wanted to go there for supper, so who am I to say "No"?

Going to take it easy tonight, and watch the episode of Masterchef followed by the new episode of Rachel Griffiths' Camp. Then bed.