August 8th, 2013

A Long Day, with Evening Perks Ahead

Home from work after a long day.

Work today was pretty decent, though I have to say that the boss has his up and down days. Sure, we all do... but I don't need the boss to take out some of his frustrations or whatever's got him angry on me and my fellow employees.

As mentioned, I've been sick with something in terms of my left ear, neck, throat, and stuff. While I feel somewhat better since starting to take the Reactin again, instead of the Allegra, I've been suffering from a very swollen neck right below the ear for the past couple of days. I finally caved in, and went to the doctor yesterday afternoon (since he's finally back from vacation). He examined me somewhat, specifically nose, throat, and ears, and determined there's nothing wrong other than a bit of irritation, and has decided that the swelling at my ear is likely one of the salivary glands in that area. Since previous treatments of antibiotic haven't done much, he thinks it's a virus that just recurs from time to time, so didn't prescribe anything but told me to take Tylenol or perhaps Aleve for the pain and the like, and that it might also help the swelling.

After getting home from the doctor's office, I've taken it relatively easy this afternoon. Done a bit of transcribing of campaign notes for the Primeval roleplaying game, and have read a couple of chapters of the book that I'm currently reading (Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck). Enjoyable reading so far. :)

I'll be staying up a bit later than usual tonight, as I'll be watching the second series finale of the Continuum tv series. I didn't watch it on Sunday night, as I watched Unforgettable instead. So I'm looking forward to seeing how this thing wraps up for the season.