August 11th, 2013

A Saturday Trip to Chapters

spross dropped by the house yesterday afternoon after he got off work, and we went out to basically get me out of the house for a bit. :)

We went into Future Shop at South Keys to pick up something for his dad, which they unfortunately didn't have and couldn't order, and then he and I went into the local Chapters store. I didn't go into the store looking for any books in particular, to be honest, and I wasn't actually planning to spend any money in there at all, but the best laid plans of mice and men as they say...

One of the books I've been trying to get hold of since it came out early this year is the Adam Roberts's short story collection, Adam Robots. I've had the book on pre-order from since December or so, but the book hasn't shown up and they keep sending me messages about how they're still trying to get hold of it. Well, I found a copy of the trade paperback in Chapters today, and after waiting so long to get a copy of the book, caved in and bought it there on the spot. Quite pleased with myself.

Saw a few other books that definitely intrigued me, but nothing that I really wanted to pick up, given how tight money is right now, and that fact that I've ordered a few books the last few months on-line.

Back Pain and Sunday Gaming

A lovely day so far today, though it's supposed to get somewhat warm this afternoon.

I've taken a morning walk already today, and have been relaxing at the house since I got back. I tweaked my back on the left side somehow yesterday, and have not been feeling good in that regard since I woke up this morning, but felt that the walk outside might help. It was a painful walk, so I've been icing my back since I came in from the walk.

In the meantime, I'll be gaming with the Sunday gaming group this afternoon. I'll be running the continuing Primeval RPG campaign that they're involved with. I'm rather looking forward to this, and hope that it will distract me somewhat from the back pain issues and some of the other stuff going on right now. And we'll see what happens in the game session of course, since they have an interesting dilemma on their hands.

Afternoon of Primeval Gaming

Finished supper and have washed the dishes, and so am going to relax a bit before the start of tonight's episode of Unforgettable.

This afternoon's game session of the Primeval RPG with the Sunday gaming group went pretty well. The players did a good job handling the investigative elements of the session, and managed to learn a good deal of information about the goings on (and off) that they needed to learn about. There was even some creature stuff going on towards the end, and we stopped with characters in a somewhat precarious situation.

More on the goings on when I blog about this here on the journal at some point. :)

Broadchurch Thoughts 3 (No Spoilers)

I just finished watching the third episode of Broadchurch tonight.

I have to say that I'm really enjoying the series to this point, and that the mystery certainly has me intrigued. But it's not just the central mystery of who killed Danny Latimer that has me so keen on the series, but all the little sub-plots and dramas that are going on around the mystery of the boy's killing, and the way the series is showing us the lives of many of the other characters that focus around the main plot of the story.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman continue to be riveting to watch as their characters, DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller, continue to negotiate the changing rapids of the main story itself, but one is learning so much more about these two individuals outside the investigative story of Danny Latimer's murder. Several of the other characters that have appeared in the series have intrigued me a lot as well, and the series continues to remind me of Twin Peaks in so many ways, but done so much better and so British.

Looking forward to tomorrow night's episode, but got to get some shut-eye now.