August 14th, 2013

A Full Day Ahead

I've been up since the dawn hours, as I've not been able to sleep other than in fits and spurts most of the night.

This morning promises to be a hectic day, to be honest, and I'm not looking forward to it.

First up, I've got to go to the hospital momentarily to get my 3-month diabetes blood tests (and a couple of other tests that involve urine specimens) before my appointment with the specialist at the Diabetes Clinic next week. So I've been fasting since last night, and am a bit ornery and a bit hungry at the moment, though I've had a couple of glasses of water since I woke up. I'll be making the trip to Denny's restaurant after the blood tests and all for breakfast, since I earn this every 3 months or so. And they have some really nice, simple breakfasts there. :)

Then it's off to work, as I've got an abbreviated day ahead of me due to the blood tests and breakfast, though I'll spend a bit longer at the office today since I'll be coming in late.

When I get home today, I'll spend a bit of time reading up about the new Bell Fibe tv set-up and see what I can learn and whether I can start making heads or tails of any of the material about it. And how the heck I functionally watch tv. I also need to do some stuff on the computer today, and catch up with a few bits of laundry and the like, but one step at a time.

Heading out for the blood work.

At the Office

Just got in to the office.

I went to the Riverside Hospital for the blood tests and stuff this morning, as it's where the Diabetes Clinic is located, so that's done. Funny moment happened. When the technician was getting ready to take my blood and checked the forms necessary, she asked if I'd given them a large enough urine sample. Turns out they needed more than usual, because there are three different tests being performed on it. So she went to check, and came back to say that everything was good. My arm doesn't hurt too much from the six (6) vials of blood taken, and the technician in question had a good touch with the needle. Hope I don't bruise too much.

After the blood tests, I went over to the local Denny's at South Keys and at a good breakfast. Veggie omelette with a couple of panckes, a slice of whole wheat toast, no bacon or sausage, and washed down with morning pills and decaf coffee. My body needed that.

Anyway, a bit of a pile of work to get to on my desk this morning, so time to get to it.

New Fire RPG Has Arrived

Got home from work today, and found a pleasant surprise in my snail mail.

Several months ago, as mentioned here on the blog, I had found out about the New Fire RPG set in a fictional world based on the myths, cultures, and geography of Precolumbian Mesoamerica, being written and published by Jason Caminsky. That said, the Kickstarter for said game (found here) was missed by yours truly, but I got in touch with the author and was able to make an alternate arrangement for things.

Well, today, my copy of the first book in the New Fire RPG line, New Fire: Temikamatl: Book of Dreams, showed up on my doorstep. Here's what the book looks like (courtesy of the poor little temp phone's camera that I'm forced to use at the moment).


This is the lavishly illustrated, full-colour version of the book that is signed. Lovely book, even lovelier game. Looking forward to reading this book. Definitely want to run this one, but don't know if I'll actually get the chance to do so.