August 21st, 2013

Wednesday Weather, and Diabetes Appointment Ahead

Another warm, scorching day ahead in the Ottawa valley today. The temperature is already 24oC, with an expected high of 32oC (and a humidex that I don't even want to think about).

Came in to work at the usual time today, and have made a good start on the workload here at the office. I'll be leaving the office around 12:45 pm or so, as I have to be at the Diabetes Clinic this afternoon for 2:00 pm, so figured I'd stop at the hospital and have a spot of lunch before I have my appointment. In the meantime, making a concerted effort to clear off as much work from the desk space as I can today.

Not looking forward to the appointment with the Diabetes Clinic specialist, as I've been stressed out most of this year and have not really been adhering to a regular diet (I have tried to eat as healthy as I can, but old habits when I'm depressed and stressed die hard). We'll see what the doctor says, but I suspect some medication changes and stuff are afoot.

Results of Diabetes Appointment

Just came back home from the Diabetes Clinic about half an hour ago.

The appointment went exactly as I had thought it would, but I did get a surprise or two along the way.

The nurse checked my blood pressure (122 over 66) and then checked my weight (not saying what it was here; suffice it to say, it's holding steady). Escorted into one of the cubicle offices, I sat down and waited to see the doctor for about fifteen minutes.

When the doctor came in, he checked out the results of my blood work on the office computer (I think he said it was the OASIS system?), and said that my a1C is down a little bit, but my triglycerides were also down a bit. Both were still too high for his liking, but before he talked to me about options, he went through my medications with me (I brought in empty bottles of every one of my prescriptions) and the 2013 blood glucose logs that I fill in regularly. He agreed with me that since starting to take the Trajenta, some of the blood sugar readings have been a bit high, but he felt that with my medical history, the stress I've been under the last six months or so, and some of the other stuff that I'm dealing with, that I'm doing all right, but that I need to get the diet under control a bit more. However, the PSA test showed a somewhat elevated level that has him scheduling another PSA test in four months.

The consensus is that if I can't get a bit more control through better diet and exercise, it may be time to go to insulin, as I'm at the end of the "oral medication road" for controlling diabetes. I need to buckle down and do something that will motivate me to a healthier lifestyle and making a few better choices, and not let the stress (and admittedly, depression as well) get to me. I'm going off the Trajenta as of this weekend, and will be taking Januvia starting on Monday (along with the other regular medications).

So, could have been better. Definitely could have been worse, too.

So, one day at a time.

TV I Forgot to Watch

Finished watching Masterchef tonight, and turned over to one of the news channels to catch up on what's been happening in the world.

Completely forgot that Camp was on tonight. Nuts! Will have to watch it during one of the re-airings later this week. At least, I hope it re-airs later in the week. Or I may watch it on-line (though I hate doing so).
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