November 8th, 2013

Friday Morning Thoughts

Friday morning.

The end of a somewhat shorter week for me, work-wise. While I've been sick all week with the con crud that I came back from Hamilton with, I've been doing the day job to the best of my ability from home, and have been pretty eye achy from it for the most part. The boss has been content with my efforts this week, so I'm glad for that.

On the health side of things, there are days where I feel better and days where I don't. My head is still pretty stuffed (despite the meds that I'm taking for that), and part of me wonders whether it's a sinus infection. I've got an appointment with the doctor next week, so will see what he says (assuming I'm still ill). The cough is still present somewhat, and my voice is reduced to a squeak and a croak at times. The ankle is still the ankle. I need to get the doctor to send me to a specialist, so that's also in the cards at the doctor's appointment next week.

I spoke to the Friday night gamers last night (sort of, see above), and they'll be getting back to me about gaming tonight. (Maybe board games or some such.)

In the meantime, back to work and a bit of other stuff.

(Board) Gaming Tonight

I've heard from the Friday night gaming group.

Kathy spoke to me this afternoon, and told me that the gaming group is willing to risk getting ill by coming out and gaming with me tonight.

She told me that the reason we're going to game tonight is because I'm obviously not that sick. This due to the fact that if I were really ill, I wouldn't be working the day job from home. And she's got a point, of course.

Out of respect for the fact that my voice still sounds "torn up" and ragged, I was informed we won't be doing any roleplaying games tonight. So, board games it is.

HammerCon 2013, Day 2 Report

Here is the report on the second actual day of HammerCon 2013. The report on the first actual day, HammerCon 2013, Day 1 can be found by following the link. This report on the second official day of HammerCon 2013 is quite long since I ran a game on Saturday afternoon, and there are quite a few photos in the post. Naturally, it's behind the cut for those who aren't interested.

Collapse )

So there you have it, the Saturday at HammerCon 2013. Overall, a pretty good day at the convention, and I had a decent time running my game as well as getting to play in a board game for a bit of time as well. The next journal entry on the convention will cover the Sunday events.

In the meantime, hope everyone's enjoying these reads. :)