December 21st, 2013

Life on a Saturday


It feels like the lull before the storm. Which it is, essentially.

The snow storm last night dropped a good deal of snow and freezing drizzle, and it was a good thing that the Friday night group didn't game last night. Today, the temperature has warmed up significantly, and the day is expected to be somewhat bright, with clouds, but there will be more inclement weather coming late in the day and overnight.

I'm taking it easy this morning, and just relaxing and taking care of a few things in the house. I plan to clean off the car and start it up later today, once I see how my ankle and leg are feeling. For now, time for a nice relaxing shower.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Oops, forgot to mention it...

Happy Winter Solstice!

There's good news, and bad news. The good news is that the days start to get longer as of today! The bad news is that I suspect this year that winter is just getting started after somewhat of a November delay. But one takes the good with the bad. :)

Winter weather. Bah, humbug!

Shovelling and Gaming Surprise

I've spent part of the afternoon digging the car out of the parking space, and actually letting it run for a bit. That was not fun.

The weather is nice and mild, so that was a good thing. The car was covered in a really heavy layer of snow, but it was surprisingly easy to scrape off the car as the freezing rain had made it have a relatively light feel to it that cracked off easily. The real problem was the fact that I had to shovel all the way around the car on all sides. That wasn't easy on the passenger side, which was buried with a good 2 feet of snow around it, and in the wheel wells from where the sidewalk cleaner had blown snow onto the car! Not fun to try and dig that out, but I managed. Once I got the car out of the parking space, I managed to clean the space out properly for the most part, and then put the car back. I was out there for a good hour or so just shovelling the white stuff. Came back in after moving the car back into its space, rested for a good half hour, and had a cup of tea. We'll see how my body feels tomorrow after these exertions.

And in surprising news, I'm gaming this evening!

As I mentioned, the weather has been quite decent today, but even so I was surprised when Kathy called me just around 5:00 pm to let me know that the Friday nighters want to play tonight, as since the weather seemed all right and despite the forecast for the evening, so I was fine with this. I'm expecting the players around 7:00 pm or so this evening, so looking forward to that.

Anyway, time to start thinking of supper and getting ready for the evening game.