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Wednesday Night Game Report - Torg Eternity, Session 4

The Wednesday night gaming group played last night and continued their Torg Eternity RPG campaign that is set in Aysle. You can read about the previous session of the game by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Cindy (“Cindara”) Hazelton (DonnaW) - Transformed (Aylish) Mechanic
James Wellington (DavidW) - History Teacher
Palle (“Pamela”) Sundstrom (Kendall) - Transformed (Aylish) Police Officer
Damaris Haynes (Crystal) - Artist (Painter)

April 3rd, 2017

The Storm Knights assess the situation relatively quickly. Damaris Haynes snatches up a second short bow and quiver full of arrows. The other characters each gather up some weaponry as well, including maces (Bonus STR+2) and various spears and the like. With the Underground station entrance destroyed by the dragon and the fighter jet, the rest of the survivors have all moved and fled to the National Gallery. There’s no power, but the building seems intact and stable. The other refugees and survivors are huddled inside, afraid, and look to the Storm Knights for leadership and guidance. They batter them with questions about what’s going on and how they did all those amazing things outside. Damaris is able to calm them down for the moment, but the Storm Knights have no real answer to their questions. The Storm Knights talk to the various survivors, and learn that Amelia was taken by the pale savages [the Lurks]. A quick search of the National Gallery shows that while there is damage from the earthquake and the like, some of the exhibits have ben ransacked. Both James Wellington and Damaris confirm that several of the movie props on display as part of the “Fantasy Art” exhibit are missing, as well as some exhibit items made of precious metals. Suddenly, a muffled shriek echoes through the galleries, coming from somewhere downstairs. “She cut me!” a shrill voice hisses. Palle Sundstrom quickly leads the others to the room from which the sound came, but it is deserted. The entire floor of the room is gone, collapsed into a dark and winding tunnel. The player characters hesitate, but Amelia’s distant scream echoes up through the shaft.

James and Cindy Hazelton head back to the main entrance area, and retrieve the 60 metres of rope that they left there when they followed Amelia’s scream. The others debate a plan of action, and peering down Damaris says they will need light sources. They find several transformed lanterns that are now torches, and when James and Cindy return, light them with matches. The Storm Knights descend into the darkness, only Damaris having a difficult time of it [she rolled a Mishap, and suffers 2 Shock from rope burns], and reach the bottom of the shaft. There are several additional torches piled on the ground, and both James and Palle take an extra one each. The passage winds its way under Trafalgar Square, water dripping into one section, until it opens into Charing Cross station. The Storm Knights see mauled bodies that are strewn across the turnstiles. Cindy points out the signs of people having been dragged away. The trail of blood and bodies can’t be missed, the path leading deeper into the Tube system. A grim-faced Palle leads the way, and eventually the path enters a new, more natural looking tunnel that has opened up along a side wall. At one point, the Storm Knights see a golden glow from beyond a rocky outcropping. Cautiously, the characters approach and find a large, pulsating globe of light, its shape in constant flux. Cindy senses that it may be alive (though she can’t explain how she knows to the others). When the Storm Knights get closer, it separates into a thousand, tiny dandelion-like globules. The lights drift down onto James [the most injured of the Storm Knights]. He feels a tingling sensation, as several wounds close and heal [and he recovers one Wound]. The sphere reforms, dimmer than it was, and when the characters follow it, the light fills a slender, hollow tube tucked behind the stones, resulting in a glowing wand. Cautiously, Cindy picks the wand up; it tingles in her hand, but nothing more. She tucks it into a deep pocket of her cloak, and the group returns to the main tunnel. They discuss what has just happened, and christen the item Hazelton’s Wand. :)

As the Storm Knights continue to descend into the Underground’s depths, the cavern walls give way to roughly hewn stone corridors with bizarre markings crudely etched into the walls. Several corridors feature blazing torches or piles of unidentifiable material set aflame to provide dim light. The characters notice that webbing coats the walls as the hallway opens up into a much larger space. James comments that it’s more like a natural cavern than the halls, as there are strange stalactites covered in webbing hanging down over the characters’ heads. The characters see many openings out of the cavern, most of them obscured with webbing. James probes one of the stalactites with a spear, and discovers they aren’t stalactites at all, but dessicated bodies of figures that look like some of the attackers from back on the surface. [The player characters each pass a SPI or Willpower test to avoid shock, and James plays the Alertness card.] Large arachnid shapes move from the darkness into the characters’ flickering torch light - the characters realize they’re in for it now!

Palle shouts to the others that they need to find the exit out of the cavern, and says that she’ll hold off the creatures. "Not alone, you won’t!” vows Cindy, and moves to Palle’s side. Palle fires her weapon at one of the arachnids, and scores a deep wound, but the creature doesn’t fall. Cindy attempts to put up a shield spell on both herself and Palle, but isn’t sure how well she succeeded. Both James and Damaris search for the proper exit from the cavern, and the latter sees signs of disturbed webbing and some blood near one of the exit tunnels from the cavern. She points this out to James. The arachnids continue to approach the characters, albeit unsteadily. Palle and Cindy attempt to maneuver together but apart, hoping to distract the spiders from the other two. Dashing over to the tunnel entrance, James and Damaris manage to sweep away the fresh, thick layer of webbing [using a Combined action, and the expenditure of an Adrenalin card and two Possibilities]. Their task is complicated by the arrival of two of the arachnids. As the encounter continues, tiny spiders leap from the webs and cover the Storm Knights. Palle and Cindy each attack one of the arachnids again, their attacks with pistol and wrench respectively succeeding and inflicting damage to the creatures. Uncovering the door handle, James and Damaris see that it is locked! Damaris tells James to pick the lock on the door, and she will “distract” the arachnid creature. She attacks the creature with her spear, impaling it on the weapon [she rolled a 38 on the attack, and added an Adrenalin card to the mix], while James is able to pick the door lock [barely! with the use of an Adrenalin card and a Drama card], and they both hear the *snickt* of the lock opening. Shouting to the others, James swings the door wide, and the others race to the tunnel entrance. Once though the tunnel entrance, Damaris and James swing the door shut, and the group braces it against the arachnid onslaught as screams of rage can be heard through the door! After around 15 minutes of attempting to get through the door, the arachnids give up.

Once the arachnids give up, the Storm Knights turn their attention to moving down the tunnel, The tunnel slowly descends, giving way to a wide, dark chasm. Several crude grappling hooks are wedged into the tunnel floor and a coarse rope trails down into the darkness below. Against their better judgement, the Storm Knights scale down the shaft, but the rope is safe and the heroes find themselves on a ledge some 10 metres down. The ledge is part of a path that leads off to both the right and the left. Cindy can see there are signs of lots of foot traffic going in both directions, but there’s no indication of which direction Amelia’s captors took her. Palle and Cindy can make out the sounds of cursing interspersed with laughter - coming from the left. With a quick nod to each other, the characters move off to the left.

Wednesday night's monthly game session of Torg Eternity went very well, the players exceeding all of my expectations in terms of action and progression of the story being told. The Wednesday players normally game for a period of 3 hours, and we had to cut things short a bit earlier due to commitments of two of the players, but I felt that the players accomplished quite a bit in the session. The combat sequence with the arachnids was a lot of fun, Crystal commenting that it reminded her of something out of an epic fantasy movie, with the heroes desperately trying to escape the spiders. Lots of fun, overall.

I'm looking forward to running next month's session of the Torg Eternity Aysle campaign, and can't wait!
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