January 3rd, 2014

A Cold January 3rd

Another brutally cold day here in the Ottawa valley, as the cold snap continues today. The temperature out there right now is something like -23oC, and is way colder than that with the wind chill business added in.

I'm still pretty much out of it, with the concussion and all. I can't focus for long periods of time, the headaches are pretty nasty if I do too much, and am planning to take it easy once more today. Just do things as I feel able to do them, or not do them at all.

In the meantime, just rest some more. And try and stay warm.

Books Read in December, 2013

Since it is the new month of January (and it's barely three days old)... As is my standard usage of my blog space at or near the beginning of the month, I present the listing of my December, 2013 reads.

Books Read in December, 2013

Atlantis: The Second Age RPG by Doug Bramlett, Kieran Turley, and Jerry D. Grayson (PDF) (RPG)

How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny

February, 2013 Comics

The Bird of the River by Kage Baker

March, 2013 Comics

Helliconia Winter by Brian W. Aldiss (r)

April, 2013 Comics

May, 2013 Comics

Dinosaur Summer by Greg Bear (r)

GURPS Vikings by Graeme Davis (RPG) (r)

Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok Core Rulebook by Andrew Valkauskas (RPG)

June, 2013 Comics

December, 2013 Locus

Fate of Worlds by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner

From my own perspective, December, 2013 was a somewhat slow reading month. I didn't read a lot, but several of the books I read (notably two of the roleplaying games) were quite large, over 300+ pages each. I also read quite a few comics in December, and that contributed to the lower number of books than usual. The best read of the month was without a doubt the superb The Bird of the River by the late Kage Baker. Wonderful stuff.

Overall, I managed to read 5 novels, 3 RPG and RPG products, 1 magazines, 27 comics, and 0 graphic novels in December. This brings the 2013 year end totals up to the following: 63 books, 19 RPGs and RPG products, 26 magazines, 106 comics, and 2 graphic novels. The reading for the year was down by 19 books, not great, but life this year had a lot to do with that.

Friday Gaming Session Cancelled

Finally came to a decision on the matter.

I spoke to Kathy and told her the news and asked her to relay the news to the others. I won't be running the Friday night game tonight, and will be taking the evening off from gaming. I'm a little bit groggy and unfocussed, and my headache is somewhat bad.

So no gaming tonight.

Not happy to start the 2014 gaming experience this way, but not really able to do anything about this. Nuts! :(